Correct spelling for EDOING

We think the word edoing is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for edoing

  • adoring A crush, my dears, in case you are wanting to know, is a warm and adoring friendship.
  • adorn Most of them repeated the word bang when I said it; but when I fired it off they were too agitated to take much notice of its effect on the bark of a tree, which might otherwise have served to point a moral or adorn a tale in the oral traditions of their race for ever.
  • bedding He brought the bedding-roll closer and opened it into a rough-and-ready bed.
  • boding Thus there was war at once; not overt yet, For still the Child, unwilling, would not break The new acquaintanceship, nor quite forget The pleasant past; while, for his treasure's sake, The boding smith with clumsy efforts tried To win the laughing scorner to his side.
  • ceding Assumption reinsurance is a form of reinsurance whereby the reinsurer is substituted for the ceding insurer and becomes directly liable for policy claims.
  • coding Fundamentally, diversity coding sends multiple copies through multiple transmit antennas, so as to improve the reliability of the data reception.
  • ding Bells' ding dong, And choral song, Deter the bee From industry:
  • doting "You will wear out even her doting affection if you keep on," replied his mother almost sharply.
  • eating But a starfish alive, and at its business of eating oysters or other shell animals in the sea, is not at all this shape.
  • echoing No one in this world of ours ever became great by echoing the voice of another, repeating what that other has said.
  • eden He married Penelope Eden, daughter of the late Governor, and dwelt at her home on the Chowan River.
  • edging For the first half-mile the little pack-train crawled slowly and hesitatingly, like a bewildered worm, turning and twisting, retracing its way, circling huge bowlders, edging awful cliffs, slipping, stumbling, but ever moving, ever descending; and, at last, while yet the sun's light glorified the icy kings behind them, the Captain drew into the shelter of the clump of pines from which the steam of the warm spring rose like a chimney's cheery greeting.
  • editing In 1891 he attached the problem afresh and made it a rule to spend an hour every morning re-editing his notes and keeping his index up to date.
  • edwin
  • ending
  • eroding
  • idling
  • iodine
  • odin
  • undoing
  • wedding
  • Adding The good lady chid her with all a true mother's gentleness, and told her to leave the room, adding that all who came there only desired that she should be saved eternally.
  • Aiding Ralph would have broken away, indignant and amazed, but her arms and eyes held him close prisoner, the dismayed turmoil in his own heart aiding.
  • Doing I wonder what he's doing?
  • Eddying Her heart cried out that her duty lay where all her life was eddying to one centre.
  • Educing
  • Eking
  • Enduing
  • Vetoing
  • Ewing
  • Edna And remember Edna Ponscarme?
  • Edwina
  • Eton
  • emoting
  • redoing

91 words made from the letters edoing

4 letter words made from edoing:

gied, nige, nodi, dogi, dong, egoi, indo, done, gnod, gedo, enid, gion, iong, doge, gone, oned, igoe, igon, ngoi, nego, dine, ogie, nido, node, nied, idog, gond, onge, odin, egin, ogin, dego, dein, engi, gien, ding, degn, doin, igno, inge, endo, neid, ideo.

5 letter words made from edoing:

gendo, degni, oding, goden, giedo, dogie, indeo, odein, dieng, ogden, geoid, dingo, digeo, ginde, odgen, dinge, ieong, ideon, egion, denio, deign, eigon.

3 letter words made from edoing:

gin, ido, die, neo, edo, don, eon, god, dog, ige, din, den, gen, igd, nod, oed, ego, nig, iod, ion, ode, dig, end, one, nog, doe.

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