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How to spell EDUCA correctly?

If you have mistakenly typed "educa" instead of "educate", don't worry, it happens to everyone. Fortunately, autocorrect can work its magic and suggest the correct spelling immediately. Alternatively, you can check online dictionaries or spelling apps for accurate suggestions and enhance your vocabulary while rectifying the mistake.

List of suggestions on how to spell educa correctly

  • duck The duck waddled gracefully across the pond.
  • edda The Edda is a collection of Old Norse poems and tales from Iceland.
  • edema She had severe edema due to her heart condition, causing her feet and ankles to swell.
  • edict The king issued an edict that no one was allowed to leave the city without permission.
  • Edna My grandma is named Edna.
  • EDUC EDUC is an abbreviation for the term "education.
  • educate It is important to educate ourselves about different cultures and perspectives.
  • educe The detective was able to educe the truth from the suspect's conflicting statements.
  • erica Erica is a common name for girls in the United States.

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