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How to spell EFFCT correctly?

The correct spelling for "effct" is "effect". If you're unsure about the spelling, try pronouncing the word and breaking it down syllabically. Double-checking with a spell-check tool or online dictionary can also provide accurate suggestions while improving your spelling skills.

List of suggestions on how to spell effct correctly

  • affect
  • defect The car had a severe defect in its brake system.
  • edict The king's edict proclaimed that a new tax would be imposed on all merchants.
  • effect The new medication had a profound effect on the patient's health.
  • effects
  • effete The monarchy's aristocracy was seen as effete and out of touch with the people's needs.
  • effort
  • eft Don't eft.
  • eject I will eject this DVD from my player.
  • elect The citizens will elect a new leader in the upcoming election.
  • enact
  • erect He was still erect hours after his orgasm.
  • eruct I could smell something burning and it turned out to be my eruct.
  • evict The landlord refused to evict her despite her repeated requests.
  • fact The fact is that she cannot afford to buy a new car.

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