Correct spelling for EFFICIENNTLY

We think the word efficienntly is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for efficienntly

  • Sufficiently
  • "do you think-do you think, perhaps, he has been sufficiently rewarded for washing his own face, now?

  • Efficiently
  • The expert can serve the public as efficiently as he has served private interests, if only the public can be educated to appreciate him, and persuaded to employ him.

  • Efficient
  • These men are the efficient ones-they're the fellows that have the brains and that know how to work-to use science, money, everything-to get a decent world ahead.

  • Inefficiently
  • he says that "a coercive monopolist tends to perform his service badly and inefficiently".

318 words made from the letters efficienntly

4 letter words made from efficienntly:

nyet, leni, teny, fete, enyl, fini, clit, lint, felt, life, lini, tiny, fili, leit, inec, eile, fncl, tyee, flit, neel, nfte, icey, cefn, yien, feen, enic, feni, ilfc, cenn, efif, lief, lent, left, flee, elfi, feel, lyce, lien, teff, nece, nicy, lift, enel, iffy, fynn, leti, tyne, ilet, city, iten, lity, nein, inti, lite, lync, celt, lyfe, nylt, liny, cene, elei, fien, teen, liye, eini, eeny, lyft, inle, nile, tiye, enif, lyin, eley, eely, fiel, lecy, file, teli, yeti, tile, clef, inny, lein, teye, ynet, feil, ifil, niff, nine, yenc, nlft, fyne, leff, fife, yele, yiin, cent, line, fley, nele, nice, tecn, yeni, tine, tiff, cnlt, tiel, cley, eien, liet, fine, yili, nyte, finn, tyin, fief, cite.

5 letter words made from efficienntly:

cient, fient, efile, niecy, einie, cliff, cline, tence, infin, elint, innie, fence, ilyin, yefet, fcntl, tiley, einin, filey, niete, eiley, iinet, tinle, felty, fitin, elfin, tinny, enyce, linty, niten, linie, yitie, lefte, lytic, inlet, fenin, yelin, niele, feyen, elite, fenit, clein, fitly, liney, linyi, feile, enten, iliff, fenni, tiele, fleet, lynen, leite, leyte, cliny, yifei, incli, lenti, nicen, entin, yente, cente, ennie, neeti, ftyle, linen, finet, neffy, fiene, fiine, nicey, clent, niffy, elfyn, citie, telen, finci, fitel, lince, intil, nylen, nilin, clyne, linny, linin, icily, liten, eitel, licit, teeny, yence, ntini, nyein, leity, enfin, leyen, intef, leyne, fenty, innit, filin, enyne, filet, feint, nifty, flein, lefty, licet, niece, enlit, feely, nitel, lieni, elect, yentl, lieff, lenne, citee, ninti, icity, ctene, infit, ilife, einen, finne, flyin, tiein, tiyin, iceni, tiene, leffe, flint, cleft, clini, lente, centi, fifty, neeli, fencl, feeny, leint, leine, inite, yilin, celyn, fifie, teifi, lycee, cleef, liein, nicin, yince, lenin.

3 letter words made from efficienntly:

fit, eff, tee, ifc, ent, ecf, enl, fey, nil, tnf, ene, icy, fee, cli, elf, ney, lee, fly, lit, lii, etc, ten, nec, inn, eft, nne, tec, eel, tlc, nit, ley, net, tie, let, yet, fin, fen, tic, ice, tin, yen, eec, lie, eye, lei, ect, lin, lye, nee.