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How to spell EHEAD correctly?

The misspelling "ehead" could possibly be corrected to "ahead" or "eke out". "Ahead" means in front of something or progressing in a certain direction. "Eke out" means to scrape by or survive with minimal resources. Both are valid suggestions for correcting the misspelling.

List of suggestions on how to spell ehead correctly

  • ahead
  • behead
  • Egad " Egad, I can't believe I lost my keys again!
  • egghead I don't appreciate being called an egghead just because I love reading books.
  • Eked
  • eyed She eyed the stranger cautiously, unsure of his intentions.
  • Had
  • he'd He'd been waiting for over an hour when he realized he might have the wrong address.
  • head I have a headache today, so I'll need to rest my head.
  • heady The heady aroma of fresh coffee filled the room, making my mouth water.
  • heard
  • heat The heat from the sun is making me sweaty.
  • heed It is important to heed the warnings of experts in the field.
  • herd
  • reheard I reheard the news about the election results to make sure I understood them correctly.
  • reheat I had to reheat my coffee in the microwave because it had gotten cold.

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