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How to spell EHILE correctly?

If "ehile" is meant to be "while", here are some possible correct suggestions: "while", "whilst", "during", "as", "when", "as long as", "in the meantime", "meanwhile", "in the interim", "in the interim period", "during the interval."

List of suggestions on how to spell ehile correctly

  • agile The agile athlete effortlessly navigated the obstacles in the obstacle course.
  • awhile I will be away from my desk for awhile.
  • chile I love to eat spicy chile in my food, it makes it taste so much better.
  • eagle The eagle soared high in the sky, scanning the landscape below for prey.
  • Earle Earle is an American author.
  • Emil Emil is a talented pianist who has performed in many different countries.
  • emile Emile was always a good boy.
  • Emily
  • evil People who do evil things deserve to be punished.
  • exile The king sent his nephew into exile after he tried to overthrow the kingdom.
  • hale Despite his advanced age, the hale old man was still able to run a mile every morning.
  • hill The hill was quite steep and I had to take some serious steps to get to the top.
  • hole I fell down a hole while hiking in the woods.
  • while While I was eating breakfast, I read the morning newspaper.

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