Correct spelling for EILJAH

We think the word eiljah is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for eiljah

  • alga The pseudotentacles of Lebrunia danae resemble the fronds of brown seaweeds in the family Dictyotaceae in appearance and it is possible that the anemone is mimicking the harmless alga in order to lure potential prey closer.
  • algae The all-important object was to secure a proper will, and that point gained, both Pharamond and Algae were well aware of what the next step would have to be. Clovis, the shilly-shally, must henceforth be excluded from a hand in the management of affairs.
  • allah "And Mahomet is his Prophet," replied I. "In the name of Allah, what do you wish?"
  • elan Elan aqueduct carries water to Birmingham Levada, an irrigation channel or aqueduct specific to the Portuguese island of Madeira Puquios, underground water systems in Peru Roman aqueduct, water supply systems constructed during the Roman Empire Aqueduct of Segovia, a Roman aqueduct in Segovia, Spain
  • elegy 167. What is an Elegy?
  • elgar Elgar was mute for a few minutes.
  • elijah "He is Elijah Lane, the father of the boy.
  • elk The spot selected for their bivouac was at the foot of Brown's Gap, not more than twelve miles south-west of the camp in Elk Run Valley.
  • iliad
  • ilk
  • lilac
  • oilcan
  • aliyah According to the traditional Jewish ordering of books of the Tanakh (Old Testament), the very last word of the last book in the original Hebrew (2 Chronicles 36:23) is veya‘al, a jussive verb form derived from the same root as aliyah, meaning "and let him go up" (to Jerusalem in Judah).
  • ELISA Elisa Pernetti, whose heart most probably shared the desire of her lover, heard the sound of his footsteps and divined his intention.
  • Elam Hostilities never completely ceased between Elam and Babylon; if arrested for a time, they broke out again in some frontier disturbance, at times speedily suppressed, but at others entailing violent consequences and ending in a regular war. No document furnishes us with any detailed account of these outbreaks, but it would appear that the balance of power was maintained on the whole with tolerable regularity, both kingdoms at the close of each generation finding themselves in much the same position as they had occupied at its commencement.
  • Elias "Come, take firm hold of my crook," cried the shepherd to Elias; "now I will go down for him.
  • Elisha Bennett Elisha, labourer, St. Philip.
  • Elba Your sister has gone on-to Elba.
  • Eliza Your dear aunt wished to keep the matter quiet, for the sake of poor Eliza, and her future chances.
  • Ella One day there appeared the Red-faced Man and Tom and the girl, Ella, and a lot of other people mounted on horses, some of them dressed in green coats with ridiculous-looking caps on their heads.
  • Elma He literally boiled over, for he saw that I was quite cool and had no fear of him or of the terrible punishment to which he intended to consign me. Besides which, he was filled with wonder regarding the exact amount of information which Elma had imparted to me.
  • Elsa Elsa-Miss Hampton, you know!
  • Elva It came to him with a pang that the woods were not offering to his love the common ground of sincerity that he had dreamed of. Elva Barrett, ashamed of her weakness, would not remember generously an attempt to take advantage of her distress when every bulwark of reserve lay in ruins about her, and he felt afraid of his burning desire to take her in his arms and comfort her. Thus self-convinced, he failed to realise that the girl with her bitter words was merely striving, blindly and innocently, to be convinced-and convinced from his own mouth-that she had been wise in her folly, devoted in her mission, and honest in the love that had found such heroic expression in her adventuring.
  • Ila
  • Olga
  • Ilia
  • Eula
  • ILEA

49 words made from the letters eiljah

3 letter words made from eiljah:

lei, hel, ail, hie, haj, lea, ale, lie, ali, lah.

4 letter words made from eiljah:

lahj, jali, elhi, ihle, jeli, ilha, alih, heal, aleh, jale, elia, ieah, jehl, jahl, hela, heil, hale, haje, hija, jeal, laie, ilah, jela, lija, jhal, lieh, jail, elji, hail, haei, hael, haji.

5 letter words made from eiljah:

ilaje, ilhae, elahi, lahej, lahij, jaleh, leija.

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