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How to spell EKEING correctly?

If you've mistakenly spelled "ekeing", fear not! Here are some possible suggestions for the correct spelling: "eking", "eking" or "asking". These alternatives convey the notion of striving or extracting something with effort. Remember to proofread meticulously to catch such errors and enhance the clarity of your writing.

List of suggestions on how to spell ekeing correctly

  • easing The new medication is effectively easing my chronic pain.
  • eating I love eating pizza on Friday nights.
  • ebbing The tide was ebbing, leaving behind an array of seashells on the beach.
  • edging She spent the afternoon edging the garden beds with a sharp pair of shears.
  • effing Please stop swearing. It's really starting to effing annoy me.
  • Egging Nick was egging her on and she started to get mad.
  • Eking
  • erring After years of erring in her decisions, she finally learned her lesson and started making better choices.
  • Ewing My uncle is an Ewing.
  • eyeing She was eyeing the cake nervously, wondering if it was too early to break her new year resolution not to eat sweets.
  • Geeing I'm going to bed, Geeing.
  • king
  • peking
  • skein She carefully wound the skein of yarn into a neat ball before beginning her knitting project.
  • skiing I love skiing down the snowy mountain every winter.

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