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How to spell ELLOW correctly?

If you're constantly typing "ellow" when you mean to write "yellow", fear not! Auto-correct can be unpredictable, but here are a few potential correct suggestions to help you out. Suggestions like "yellow", "fellow" or even "mellow" could pop up, ensuring your text accurately reflects the color or concept you intended to convey.

List of suggestions on how to spell ellow correctly

  • aglow The city was aglow with the lights and colors of the festival.
  • allot
  • allow I will allow you to join us for dinner.
  • allows My job allows me to work from home.
  • alloy The car rims were made of a durable alloy, which made them resistant to wear and tear.
  • bellow The dockworker let out a bellow, signaling to the crew that the crane was about to lift the cargo onto the ship.
  • below
  • billow
  • blow The wind was so strong, it could blow us off our feet.
  • callow As a callow youth, he had no experience of the world beyond his hometown.
  • cello He played the cello beautifully during the concert.
  • elbow
  • eliot
  • ell
  • Ella
  • Ellen Ellen is a diligent student that always goes above and beyond.
  • Ellie Ellie is enjoying her book on the couch.
  • Elliot Elliot was my roommate during my sophomore year of college.
  • Ellis Ellis is a great friend who always has a positive attitude.
  • ells The farm had several ells where the horses were kept.
  • Elmo
  • Eloy Except for his birthday, Eloy always celebrates Christmas in the same way - by going to the mall and buying himself a new
  • Elroy My aunt's cat is named Elroy.
  • fallow She plowed the fallow field with her harrow.
  • fellow We were fellow travelers on this journey.
  • flow I enjoy the Flow Yoga class.
  • follow
  • glow The stars were so bright that they cast a soft glow over the entire camping site.
  • hallow
  • hello Dear friends, please say hello to each other!
  • hollow The tree was hollow and they could hear the wind whistling through the branches.
  • jello My baby brother is a jello monster.
  • low I've been feeling a bit low lately.
  • mallow
  • mellow After a week-long vacation, she returned to work feeling more mellow and relaxed.
  • pillow I always sleep on my left side so I can use my pillow as a shield from the dog's drool.
  • plow After the storm, the plow was the first task.
  • sallow Despite her young age, the girl's sallow complexion made her appear ill.
  • slow I don't like slow movies.
  • tallow She smeared the beef with tallow for a richer flavor.
  • wallow My feet were Drenched by the Wallow in the Mud.
  • willow Henriette willow the branch.
  • yellow The sun's rays were shining brightly in the sky, and they reflected brightly off of the yellow tiles on the roof.
  • yellowy The sauce had a yellowy color to it.

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