Correct spelling for EMEDATION

We think the word emedation is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for emedation

  • Emanation(Definition of emanation)
  • But, if we start off with a tube of emanation, we do not possess a constant supply of radium c, because the emanation is decaying fairly rapidly and there is no radium to make good its loss.

  • Edition(Definition of edition)
  • A large edition was soon exhausted.

  • Remediation
  • Crrj focuses on research, particularly concerning cold cases, and supports policy initiatives on anti-civil rights violence, such as various remediation efforts including criminal and civil prosecutions, truth and reconciliation proceedings, and legislative remedies.

  • Mutation(Definition of mutation)
  • He can produce his specimens in greater number, he can more easily find out the desirable character, and in many plants he has not the uncertain element of double parentage to contend with, while with others he is still more fortunate, as he can produce them by seed, stimulate variation until the desired mutation is found and can then reproduce the desired variation with certainty by the use of cuttings.

  • Imitation(Definition of imitation)
  • Laughter is often produced by the mere faithfulness of an imitation, whether the thing copied is funny or not.

  • Emulation(Definition of emulation)
  • He seized a partner, in the manner of a roman the sabine, sure of pleasing his patron; and the maid, passing from surprise to merriment, entered the quadrille perforce, all giggles, not without emulation, for she likewise had the passion for the dance.

  • Mediation(Definition of mediation)
  • Mediation offered, 156 presidential messages, 125, 135, 136, 137, 158, 178, 179, 180, 184 relations with cuba, 122 et seq.

  • Emotion(Definition of emotion)
  • Her voice trembled with emotion-tears welled into her eyes.

    Well, we can try and hide our emotion Stand there like a rock in a wall But love can take a little old notion And make a living wreck of us all.

    – Everybody's Equal in the Eyes of Love by Patty Loveless
  • Emendation(Definition of emendation)
  • Reasoning, mr. w.m. rossetti's conjectural emendation, is manifestly the right word here, and has been adopted by dowden and woodberry.

624 words made from the letters emedation

3 letter words made from emedation:

eon, den, dna, mei, tad, ton, men, oed, tee, din, ane, iod, mad, one, eat, dot, toe, mon, mod, ion, mid, aim, ade, end, med, ten, nee, ido, moa, tao, ted, oat, nim, eta, man, ida, ado, not, nad, tia, min, nit, tea, ain, tan, ene, die, net, dit, dim, doa, dat, aid, tin, tai, don, tie, mot, nod, ent, atm, tom, tam, ant, doe, mat, edo, mao, dia, ate, mit, tod, ani, ode, neo, dam, imo.

6 letter words made from emedation:

donate, adient, median, aidmen, ndiema, amidon, idotea, oneida, demoni, medine, diatom, eamont, antido, manteo, meetin, admete, monied, ednita, temane, intoed, medina, amenti, namdeo, inamed, domani, moneda, tandem, dimant, amened, naeemi, ontime, toneme, demean, motian, enoate, aminet, aeneid, anteed, tained, mateen, dinamo, dinema, deamon, neemia, iodane, meaned, mantei, inmate, demone, domine, emoted, motani, ideman, tendai, matein, etemad, eetion, demint, toadie, demine, madiot, ionate, mation, anemoi, taione, demaio, atomed, denoia, teniae, needto, tenido, tandom, endiem, itoman, ideate, demote, todman, nodame, demant, nidate, admont, maiden, meined, moetan, metodi, donati, deaton, adomit, tenmei, etamin, denote, tomine, diemen, menado, matine, mantee, meanie, tedema, detain, daimon, anomie, domain, aedine, netaid, ademet, moated, tieman, meaden, medien, tamein, eident, montia, maione, identa, admoni, montee, oedema, denime, diaene, eediot, moneta, madone, diante, daemon, medani, eemian, demont, maniot, mained, demate, demnat, enitem, tioman, mantid, amonte, edoema, aimend, meanto, damnit, dation.

4 letter words made from emedation:

idea, eoan, omne, daen, dent, dame, mind, made, anti, moan, mate, etna, oita, mite, imee, ideo, mean, aoid, maon, adit, iton, oeta, demo, enad, omen, omit, mine, amoi, moat, metn, emin, toea, tine, oned, ante, eteo, noma, odin, temi, nodi, diam, dano, aden, doin, toda, toei, indo, nido, nato, meon, mote, atom, maoi, damn, taei, mane, itno, tian, meed, taee, enid, inma, damo, edam, dant, meio, inoa, dita, eeto, time, maid, etim, main, amon, oman, nito, nome, toed, odet, eien, eade, miao, tone, dean, demi, maen, mode, todi, iten, enim, nied, mina, dine, eden, tion, aeon, otim, imae, emit, name, tiao, dote, itmo, amen, mien, neat, need, mene, inme, meen, moed, oena, tide, note, date, done, dimo, tied, mead, edit, node, tido, meet, meno, endo, neid, daie, tend, dint, mend, deem, dome, omni, daei, dime, teen, matn, mein, taon, aide, teem, diat, emde, neem, deim, dane, oate, item, moen, diet, mint, ende, meta, omai, anio, tame, tean, anem, meat, team, tome, dein, mona, iota, ento, toad.

5 letter words made from emedation:

aoide, demat, menta, miedo, iname, monda, miano, emain, donee, emnid, meton, meite, demon, emane, denti, atend, amino, daito, edema, menai, eaned, demet, domin, manet, medio, danti, dtime, mante, amnio, mondi, denio, moeen, amien, meoni, monia, doten, eidem, anido, domei, moita, mndot, denim, doman, diate, metod, mande, admit, demeo, amend, indeo, ideen, aiton, eiman, domet, idoma, diene, diman, demio, mende, atoni, doina, amedi, daime, meade, menad, monie, manti, entia, anime, emden, monta, midan, minto, deman, meina, amide, antim, admen, enide, mitad, emend, aodin, diena, mened, imane, itoen, emona, meane, mineo, meado, adeno, amene, menti, maton, edman, medon, moten, adeni, midea, anode, ditan, inetd, mendi, ideon, dante, daten, mieno, atone, animo, edite, enema, etiam, meend, deine, einem, modan, moine, maide, inmet, midon, matei, metan, imeon, ianto, midna, iodan, einat, domna, medea, mated, emine, ament, datin, emani, dimna, anted, mondt, dente, meden, enate, maine, medeo, ameet, dimon, adoni, monti, eaten, monte, mento, ainee, menia, emote, amont, demin, media, ation, medan, madni, monae, eatin, atemi, mined, adone, danto, dotan, monee, metin, moede, atene, idant, enami, meand, anemo, intoe, moena, etmda, mitee, etian, aneto, monet, minoa, minea, maino, indem, motia, imano, mendo, monad, edain, danio, eitam, amine, donta, damin, damon, modai, emodi, madon, damot, denom.

7 letter words made from emedation:

ednitem, dementi, oedemia, enidtem, eiendom, adonite, madonie, midtone, etamine, endtime, endtiem, edmonia, minadeo, diament, amniote, mateine, entamed, domaine, neotame, amented, tideman, onetime, mediano, medaite, dietmen, medinat, iomante, medinet, matinee, anomite, menidae, mediate, atonied, demonia, demento, dominee, demaine, doamnei, mediant, endemia, enditem.