Correct spelling for EMINA

We think the word emina is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for emina

  • alumina The oxygen of the alumina is thrown off as a gas, and other residuum floats to the top of the crucible and is skimmed off.
  • amen "It's an awfu' peety that some men dinna ken when tae stop; they micht see frae the poopit; if a' saw the tears comin' tae the women's een, or the men glowering like wild cats for fear they sud brak doon, a'd say Amen as quick as Pittendreigh aifter his goat.
  • amman In the hills, the only first-class roads were the road running north and south along the ridge from Nablus through Jerusalem to Beersheba, and the road west and east from Jaffa to Jerusalem, continued eastwards through Jericho and across the Jordan to Es Salt and Amman Station on the Hejaz Railway.
  • ammonia At entrance his ammonia was 1.7 grams per day; after the starvation days it ran from 0.9 grams to 0.3 grams per day.
  • ana "At any rate," said Don Antonio, "when I am there I will make all possible efforts, and let heaven do as pleases it best; Don Gregorio will come with me to relieve the anxiety which his parents must be suffering on account of his absence; Ana Felix will remain in my house with my wife, or in a monastery; and I know the viceroy will be glad that the worthy Ricote should stay with him until we see what terms I can make."
  • anemia Disturbances of the stomach and anemia are common.
  • armenia A large body, under the name Gimirrai or Cimmerians, descended on Asia Minor in the seventh century and swept it to the western edge of the plateau and beyond; others pressed into central and eastern Armenia, and, by weakening the Vannic king, enabled Ashurbanipal to announce the humiliation of Urartu; others again ranged behind Zagros and began to break through to the Assyrian valleys.
  • arming Many small fragments, however, of Millepora alcicornis were brought up; and on the arming from an eight-fathom cast, there was a perfect impression of an Astraea, apparently alive.
  • bemoan There may be, and no doubt are, foreigners in Japan who bemoan the good old days, but I am confident that the great mass of the foreign community now recognises the fact that the revision of the treaties and the withdrawal of extra-territorial privileges were inevitable and that no evil results have ensued in consequence.
  • demean Had it been a load of any other description, he would have declined to demean himself by lifting it on his shoulders.
  • e'en I was e'en gaun to licht my cutty wi't."
  • elan To-day not a cat would jump for a dozen Dukes of Burgundy, but seven hundred years ago Aramon le Vieux had a fierce elan of its own and knew how to singe the beard of an oppressor, especially if he were at some considerable distance.
  • em Terence, however rash he was by nature, allowed himself to be overruled by his more prudent companions; and therefore, up to the hour when the twilight began to em-purple the sea, no movement towards stirring from their place of concealment was made by any of the party.
  • emanate The demonstration proved conclusively to the satisfaction of most that the strange path of dark smoke blazed across the evening sky at dusk Wednesday was no vapor trail and did not emanate from any conventional airplane.
  • emend
  • emile
  • emilia
  • emir
  • emit
  • emu
  • en
  • ene
  • eolian
  • eon
  • ermine
  • etna
  • gemini
  • in
  • inn
  • lamina
  • limn
  • main
  • maine
  • man
  • mania
  • manna
  • mean
  • meany
  • men
  • menu
  • mien
  • min
  • mine
  • miner
  • ming
  • mingy
  • mini
  • minor
  • mn
  • moan
  • mon
  • mona
  • myna
  • oman
  • omani
  • omen
  • permian
  • remain
  • seminar
  • simian
  • vermin
  • Aiming Thus Sir Ulick, seizing precisely the moment when Ormond's mind was at the right heat, aiming with dexterity and striking with force, bent and moulded him to his purpose.
  • Eking They were eking out their meat as much as they could, and at dawn they continued their march.
  • Erin
  • Ermines
  • Mun
  • Eminem
  • Damian Somewhere in the tangle of cypresses almost hidden from sight, lay a dilapidated ancient church, which, long ago had been dedicated to the martyr Damian.
  • Emil
  • Evan
  • Evian
  • Ewing
  • Ian
  • Ama He carried off from Ymisland Ama the daughter of Ymir, and afterwards married her. Their son Thorgrim Halftroll took from Joetunheimar Oegn Alfasprengi, and afterwards married her. Their son was called Grim.
  • Edna Like most children Edna loved the country and was glad of the change.
  • Elena My gift to Elena tonight, is you-her lover.
  • Emily
  • Emma
  • Erma
  • Erna
  • Herminia
  • Ina
  • Ernie
  • AMIGA More than half of the entries now derive from {USENET} and represent jargon now current in the C and UNIX communities, but special efforts have been made to collect jargon from other cultures including IBM PC programmers, Amiga fans, Mac enthusiasts, and even the IBM mainframe world.
  • ADMIN The admin had logged him off.
  • MINN
  • Deming Rev. Dr. T. M. Cooley, 147 Madam Olivia Phelps, 149 Martha Agnes Bonner, 151 Madam Whiting, 153 Denison Olmsted, LL. D. 155 Herbert Foss, 157 Mrs. Charles N. Cadwallader, 159 Rev. Dr. James W. Alexander, 161 Mrs. Joseph Morgan, 163 Alice Beckwith, 165 Mary Shipman Deming, 167
  • emoting

41 words made from the letters emina

3 letter words made from emina:

ain, aim, nim, min, mei, man, men, ani, ane.

4 letter words made from emina:

enim, mine, imae, amen, mina, anem, name, maen, mein, mien, mane, emin, main, mean, inma, inme.

5 letter words made from emina:

eiman, naeim, emain, amien, minea, amine, namie, imane, menai, menia, maine, anime, iname, meina, emani, enami.

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