Correct spelling for EMITATION

We think the word emitation is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for emitation

  • Agitation
  • They belonged to that class of men that is always engaged in some agitation or other; only it happened that in this particular agitation they were right.

  • Amputation
  • And if he may not act, he is to lay down very clearly the reasons which led to his conclusions and to state the mode by which life itself may be saved, cost what amputation and agony it may.

  • Emanation
  • Thus addi-buddha, as he was now called, it was taught was possessed of five kinds of gnana or knowledge; and by five operations of his dhjana or contemplative power he was supposed to have produced five dhjani-buddhas, each of which received a special name, and in process of time became personified and deified too, and each by virtue of an emanation of the supreme power indwelling him had brought forth a dhjani-bodhisattva.

  • Permutation
  • Equitation
  • Edition
  • 1569. 444. first edition reads- "for bothe you twayne shall wait on me.

  • Mediation
  • Emitting
  • But within its stately and harmonious walls a single oil lamp, of the cheapest and commonest pattern, emitting a strong smell of paraffin, threw its light upon furniture, quite new, that most seaside lodgings would have disdained; viz.

  • Limitation
  • Emotion
  • He was trembling with excitement and pale with emotion and weariness.

  • Emulation
  • Fourmont retreated to the college of montaign, where he occupied the very chambers which had formerly been those of erasmus; a circumstance which contributed to excite his emulation, and to hasten his studies.

  • Mutation
  • Imitation
  • Imitations
  • Imitating
  • Emission
  • The battalion was expelled from the trenches early on friday morning by an emission of poisonous gas, but, recovering in three-quarters of an hour, it counter-attacked, retook the trenches it had abandoned, and bayoneted the enemy.

  • Emendation
  • The fact is, form and style were by raffaello employed chiefly, if not always, as vehicles of character and pathos; the drama is his element, and to that he has adapted them in a mode and with a propriety which leave all attempts at emendation hopeless: if his lines have been excelled or rivalled in energy, correctness, elegance,-considered as instruments of the passions, they have never been equalled, and as parts of invention, composition and expression relative to his story, have never been approached.

  • Imputation
  • Emaciation
  • She would be very pretty again when she had got over the scared look and the thinness which was almost emaciation.

346 words made from the letters emitation

4 letter words made from emitation:

itoi, emit, metn, iota, imin, itmo, temi, moat, itno, emin, tite, otti, toea, mein, miao, item, amoi, inma, imae, tote, mott, tito, omit, mien, name, tian, nett, nito, mean, meat, oate, iten, mina, neat, toti, anio, mate, time, main, omni, tean, meio, note, meon, omen, inti, tone, tent, amen, etna, iino, atom, mitt, noma, ante, enim, anem, etim, maen, teti, matt, teat, mine, meta, titi, tame, mini, ento, otim, mona, tato, inoa, taon, tome, tion, tiao, nome, mote, mane, matn, amon, meno, eoan, oena, iott, eini, moen, inme, moan, oita, team, omai, etto, tine, mite, taei, iton, maoi, mint, anti, tate, tati, toit, tint, nato, omne, oeta, maon, oman, toei, aeon.

3 letter words made from emitation:

men, ate, tia, ten, mot, tam, net, ain, aim, eon, one, oat, ani, tin, atm, nit, nim, imo, ton, tit, toe, eat, mat, not, tnt, ane, mei, tat, min, ion, tom, ant, mon, tai, moa, eta, mit, tie, neo, tea, mao, tan, tao, man, ent, tot, tet.

5 letter words made from emitation:

meoni, tinta, totin, niemi, timna, inite, maini, motta, ianto, mineo, metan, noema, einat, motet, iinet, namoi, enami, imino, monet, tomei, manet, menia, tanti, titin, tante, minea, nomae, inmet, amott, itoen, teano, metin, onate, titan, nomia, temin, monie, notti, emini, minoa, toein, tatem, mante, mieno, teito, notat, imano, entia, moena, animo, naeim, taint, tanit, nitai, titia, amnii, atemi, tamin, timeo, tiant, manti, niota, aimin, maton, neato, menti, otten, moine, tomte, itami, nieto, natto, tonti, ation, omitt, monta, tanto, imeni, toten, matei, naomi, mento, etiam, taite, itten, titon, motat, amnio, iname, monia, tamen, netam, nitti, maino, tiein, amini, meina, miano, noemi, emona, tamon, naito, namie, monte, mitte, tenta, motie, imane, toine, anemo, ionia, menai, etian, matte, tamei, monae, tanii, inami, timan, motti, moita, tateo, amien, tatoi, einai, intoe, atoni, aiton, antim, eatin, natte, tiano, tetia, omani, taimi, amont, taito, maine, timei, otman, miina, ament, imoni, eitam, anime, aneto, enitt, imina, atone, tinea, imeon, tenom, matto, oaten, amino, menta, totem, minto, totma, nitto, emain, eiman, amine, neamt, motia, nimit, tinio, meton, timia, mitti, tieon, natio, teian, miani, nimet, tatin, noite, emani, onemi, moten, tenia, monti, itaim, omnia, tinti, notte, otani, mitta.