Correct spelling for ENEBRIATED

We think the word enebriated is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for enebriated

  • Inebriated
  • While i was excited with wine at the card-table last evening, betting high and winning vast sums of money, i so far forgot myself and my duty to the laws of the country, that i called for a toast, and induced a number of my inebriated companions to drink the health of italian liberty, and we all drank and gave three cheers for liberty and a liberal constitution.

  • Canapes
  • The sardine canapes, given as a first course in menu i, is a dainty appetizer made of sardines, boned, rubbed to a paste with a little creamed butter and seasoned to taste with worcestershire and a few grains of cayenne.

  • Infuriated
  • No sooner do they pass on board the ship than a watcher in the prow warns the rest of impending danger; for, swiftly and warily approaching; the infuriated red men seem to be planning revenge in a surprise attack.

  • Entreated
  • At length she could bear it no longer, and entreated piteously that it might be taken away; but soeur lucie, to whom the little prayer was made, did not view the matter in at all the same light as madelon.

  • Inebriates
  • To this perverted chemical action is also due the fatty degeneration so common in inebriates, affecting the muscles, the heart, and the liver.

  • Inebriate
  • Let us leave the bar-room of the "sickle and sheaf," and its cold-hearted inmates, and look in upon the family of joe morgan, and see how it is in the home of the poor inebriate.

582 words made from the letters enebriated

5 letter words made from enebriated:

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3 letter words made from enebriated:

bit, din, bat, bai, nit, bed, bra, ten, ert, tar, rat, ern, eat, dia, dre, nib, ain, bid, dab, ent, ade, dit, die, air, ene, tab, tai, ane, red, neb, rib, tia, den, ida, art, ire, net, nee, deb, arb, bad, tad, ira, rit, ear, bar, bin, ter, reb, tie, ret, nad, aid, dna, ant, rid, bee, ben, tan, are, nbe, ani, ted, end, dat, bet, rbi, tea, rna, rad, ate, tri, ebn, nab, ban, era, tin, tee, eta.