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How to spell ENGAEGED correctly?

If you commonly misspell "engaeged", worry not, it happens to the best of us! The correct spelling is "engaged". To avoid this error, try repeating the word in your mind to ensure it doesn't trip you up. Alternatively, using spell-check or a dictionary can provide quick and reliable solutions to spelling conundrums like these.

List of suggestions on how to spell engaeged correctly

  • engage The teacher tried to engage her students by asking thought-provoking questions.
  • engaged She is engaged in brainstorming ideas for the upcoming project.
  • engages The teacher engages her students in a lively discussion about the historical significance of the Civil War.
  • engorged The leech had engorged itself with blood and had become bloated.
  • enlarged The doctor said that my heart is slightly enlarged.
  • enraged Her face glowed with an enraged fury.

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