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How to spell ENJURED correctly?

For the misspelling "enjured", there are a couple of possible correct suggestions. Firstly, "injured" seems likely to be the intended word, commonly used to refer to physical harm or damage. Alternatively, "endured" could be correct, conveying the idea of withstanding or enduring a difficult situation.

List of suggestions on how to spell enjured correctly

  • Abjured After discovering the truth, she abjured her allegiance to the cult.
  • Adjured The judge adjured the defendant to tell the truth.
  • Conjured
  • Encored The audience loved the performance so much that they encored the musicians for an additional set.
  • Endured She endured the pain of the marathon, determined to finish the race.
  • Enjoyed I really enjoyed spending time with my friends last weekend.
  • ensured
  • Entered He entered the room silently, trying not to disturb anyone.
  • injure The car accident didn't injure me seriously, but I still had a few bruises and soreness.
  • injured The injured puppy limped back to its owner's embrace.
  • Injurer The injurer was charged with assault and sent to prison.
  • injures The accident injures her leg badly.
  • insured I insured my house against damages caused by natural disasters.
  • inured After years of practice, she had become inured to the physical strain of long-distance running.
  • uncured I prefer the taste of uncured bacon over cured bacon.

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