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How to spell ENOUCE correctly?

The correct spelling for "enouce" could possibly be "announce", which means to publicly declare or make known. Alternatively, it may refer to "enunciate", which means to articulate or pronounce words clearly. Proofreading and spell-check tools can help identify and correct such misspellings.

List of suggestions on how to spell enouce correctly

  • denounce He decided to denounce his allegiance to the group after learning about their unethical activities.
  • educe The therapist's goal was to educe the underlying emotions in her patient's words.
  • endue She asked her friends to endue her with confidence before her big presentation.
  • endure Despite the extreme pain, she managed to endure the grueling marathon and cross the finish line.
  • enface She stood enface with her reflection in the mirror, examining every detail of her makeup.
  • enforce The police officer was responsible for ensuring that all drivers obeyed the speed limit and would enforce consequences for those who did not.
  • enlace Tanya and John's love for each other was so strong that it served as an unbreakable enlace between them.
  • Enoch Enoch was a biblical figure known for his righteousness and close relationship with God.
  • enough I have studied enough for the exam and feel confident in my abilities.
  • ensue After the car accident, a heated debate ensued between the two drivers about who was at fault.
  • ensure The company implemented strict safety protocols to ensure the well-being of its employees.
  • entice The new restaurant is using colorful signage and mouth-watering images to entice customers walking by.
  • induce The therapist used relaxing music to induce a sense of calm in her patient.
  • nonce The teacher explained the meaning of the word "nonce" to the class.
  • Noyce Robert Noyce was a co-inventor of the integrated circuit, a fundamental component of modern electronics.
  • renounce He decided to renounce his citizenship and start a new life in a different country.

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