How to spell ENOUF correctly?

We think the word enouf is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell enouf correctly

  • eff
  • elf The elf on the shelf was very small.
  • emf The emf of a battery determines its ability to supply electrical energy to a circuit.
  • en The sun is envious of the moon for being in the sky all the time.
  • enamour She was so enamoured by the beautiful sunset that she couldn't take her eyes off of it.
  • ENC The company ENC is a technology company.
  • end It's almost the end of the year.
  • endow The billionaire has decided to endow his fortune to charity after his passing.
  • endue The sense of endue leaves me feeling quite uneasy.
  • ene
  • ENG "ENG" is the abbreviation for " English".
  • enjoy I would enjoy a cup of coffee with you.
  • ennui I'm feeling a bit ennui.
  • Enoch Enoch was the son of Cain in the Bible.
  • Enos In the bible, Enos was the seventh son of Adam and Eve.
  • enough I hope I have studied enough for this test.
  • Ens
  • ensue When the teacher left the room, chaos ensued as the students began talking and laughing loudly.
  • envious She was envious of her friend's new car.
  • envoy My uncle is an envoy from our country.
  • envoys The envoys are from the neighboring country.
  • envy I try my best to avoid envy and focus on my own accomplishments.
  • eon She used to be anechoic, but then she had an eon of silence.
  • eons It felt like eons before the bus arrived.
  • INF
  • Naff I think that his sense of style is naff.
  • naif The naif cannot appreciate the grandeur of the art.
  • NERF The Nerf gun is designed to be safe for children.
  • NF NF is an abbreviation for "Not Found".
  • niff I had to open a window because there was quite a niff in the room.
  • nov I have a new toy, it's a Novation Nova Midi Controller.
  • nova The explosion of a star creates a nova.
  • oaf I am an oaf for forgetting to bring my headphones.
  • Of She is of Irish descent.
  • off I took the day off from work to go hiking in the mountains.
  • ono
  • onus The onus is on you to show proof.
  • snuff She always took her medication with a pinch of snuff to help with the anaesthetic.

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  • exert
  • exerted
  • exerts
  • exit
  • exterior
  • extra
  • extras
  • xetra