Correct spelling for EOISODES

We think the word eoisodes is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for eoisodes

  • aides During the Revolution all of Washington's aides and his secretary lived with him at head-quarters, and constituted what he always called "my family."
  • besides Besides, you never ask me.
  • ides The first Christians followed the computations of the empire, and reckoned by calends, nones, and ides, like their masters; they likewise received the Bissextile, which we have still, although it was found necessary to correct it in the fifteenth century, and it must some day be corrected again; but they conformed to the Jewish methods in the celebration of their great feasts.
  • Oases In fifteen years the French have induced a whole line of Saharan oases, more or less, to acknowledge their authority.
  • Estes Boston: Estes & Lauriat.
  • Oxides
  • erodes Bezolds Abscess is an abscess deep to sternocleidomastoid muscle where pus from mastoiditis erodes through the cortex of Mastoid part of the temporal bone, medial to the attachment of sternocleidomastoid, extends into the infratemporal fossa, and deep to the investing layer of the deep cervical fascia .
  • eases He knew himself for the greatest authority therein, the one whose word bore greatest weight, the referee and arbitrator in all eases.
  • resides
  • elides It was the rule, however, that anything tending to spoil the ice should be rigorously excluded, and elides were strictly taboo, while any approach to yahooism was promptly nipped in the bud. As the townspeople could not turn out till evening, during the daytime the privileged few had things all their own way.
  • episodes But let me now register one of the striking episodes of that memorable day.
  • asides 1. Asides and soliloquies.
  • egoists Self-assertion is after all a very debatable creed, for self-assertion is all too likely to bring us into rather violent collisions with the self-assertions of others and to give us, after all, a world of egoists whose egotism is none the less mischievous, though it wear the garment of sunny cheerfulness and proclaim an unconquerable optimism.
  • sides
  • ODES He blushed to remember that he had spent hours in writing odes to the beautiful unknown, and whole nights in dreaming of her face.
  • EIDERS Nature is prolific even in her waste; but although eiders are plentiful, their breeding places are local, and this drain on them cannot long be continued without telling materially upon the species.
  • OSES
  • insides Then, cut some slips out of the insides of sweet almonds, fashion them as much in the shape of spermaceti wicks as you can, stick them into your mock candles, light them for an instant, so as to make their tops black, blow them out again, and they are ready for use.
  • upsides
  • esters Gum benzoin contains up to 20% of benzoic acid and 40% benzoic acid esters.
  • oozes Shut fists will stifle what is already held, and the life of it oozes out between the fingers.

70 words made from the letters eoisodes

5 letter words made from eoisodes:

dosso, diose, idose, ooids, oside, sodoe, seeis, desio, idees, desse, dosie, sisde, ooses, seseo, odsos, seido, deseo, siese, siede, issed, diese, ioses, sedis, doses, deise, doose, eidos, deiss, sides.

3 letter words made from eoisodes:

des, die, dos, sod, iod, dis, see, ese, oed, ido, ies, sis, iso, sse, sos, eos, edo, ode, doe.

4 letter words made from eoisodes:

oids, diss, sise, seed, oseo, odeo, seso, side, dsei, sood, ooid, iodo, ideo, sede, sids, ides, seoi, sees, odio, doss, dose, oedo.

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