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How to spell EPENDIME correctly?

If you meant to write "ependyma" instead of "ependime", here is the correct suggestion. The term "ependyma" refers to the thin membrane lining the ventricles of the brain and the central canal of the spinal cord. It plays a crucial role in the production of cerebrospinal fluid.

List of suggestions on how to spell ependime correctly

  • centime I only had one centime left in my pocket.
  • depending He will either arrive on time or be delayed, depending on traffic conditions.
  • emending After realizing the mistake, he spent hours carefully emending the essay to correct the grammar errors.
  • endive Endive is often used in salads and adds a crisp, slightly bitter flavor.
  • eventide We took a romantic stroll along the beach during the tranquil eventide.
  • Eventim I bought my concert tickets through Eventim for the upcoming music festival.
  • expedite I need to expedite this process so that we can meet the deadline.
  • expending The company is planning on expending its operations to new international markets.
  • expensive That new sports car is incredibly expensive.
  • legendize
  • pending The outcome of the trial is still pending, so we will have to wait for the judge's decision.
  • Pendle Pendle Hill is a popular tourist attraction for hiking and enjoying breathtaking views in Lancashire, England.
  • penile The doctor explained the various medical procedures available for penile enlargement.
  • pensive Sitting by the window, she gazed out into the distance with a pensive look on her face, lost in deep thought.
  • spending I need to be more conscious of my spending habits in order to save money.
  • upending The unexpected news of the company's bankruptcy is upending the lives of its employees.

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