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How to spell EPENDIMYTHIS correctly?

The correct suggestion for the misspelling "ependimythis" could be "ependymitis". Ependymitis refers to the inflammation of the ependyma, the thin membrane lining the ventricles and central canal of the spinal cord. It is essential to use accurate terms to ensure clear communication in medical discussions.

List of suggestions on how to spell ependimythis correctly

  • bendit I tried to bendit the metal rod, but it was too stiff and wouldn't yield.
  • cependant
  • dependant He is considered a dependant on his parent's tax return because he is still a student.
  • dependent His success is dependent on his ability to stay focused and determined.
  • depending I might go to the beach tomorrow, depending on the weather.
  • dimitris Dimitris is a talented musician who can play multiple instruments.
  • efendi I had the pleasure of meeting the efendi, a respected scholar and mentor in our community.
  • expendi The government allocated a significant portion of its budget for the expansion of healthcare facilities, indicating a substantial expenditur
  • expending The company is expending considerable resources in order to grow its market share.
  • pandit The pandit delivered a powerful sermon at the temple.
  • pendant She wore a beautiful pendant around her neck, adorned with a sparkling ruby.
  • pending The project has been on hold pending further approval from management.
  • pundit The political pundit expressed his views on the upcoming election during the televised debate.
  • spending I am planning on spending the weekend at the beach with my friends.
  • spendings I need to review my spendings from last month in order to create a more accurate budget for the upcoming month.

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