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How to spell EQATE correctly?

If you're trying to search for "eqate" but keep hitting a dead end, fear not! The correct spelling you're looking for might be "equate". So, go ahead and give it another shot - you'll find the desired information without any confusion. Happy searching!

List of suggestions on how to spell eqate correctly

  • abate The storm began to abate, and the sun slowly emerged from behind the clouds.
  • aerate I always aerate my garden before planting new seeds to ensure proper oxygen circulation in the soil.
  • agate She wore an agate ring on her slender finger.
  • ate I ate a sandwich at lunchtime.
  • eat I will eat your sandwich.
  • eater The food critic was known to be a tough and discerning eater.
  • elate Winning the tournament really helped to elate her mood.
  • elite The elite team of detectives have been working on the case for weeks.
  • emote Her facial expressions were so exaggerated, it was hard to tell whether she was being genuine or just trying to emote.
  • equate With Hillary as my candidate, I'm certain that I will equate her experience with my policies and equitably implement them in order
  • Equated She equated success with happiness, but quickly realized that wasn't always the case.
  • equates The statement "The sky is blue" equates to saying that the color blue is associated with the sky.
  • erato The goddess of love and beauty, erato.
  • evade The thief tried to evade the police by hiding in the alleyway.
  • gate I left my keys at home and now I'm stuck outside the gate.
  • hecate This place is haunted by Hecate.
  • irate I was so irate with her that I punished her.
  • Kate
  • legate The French legate was sent to discuss peace negotiations with the English king.
  • negate I cannot negate the effect of the drug.
  • orate The politician began to orate in front of the audience, delivering a powerful speech that moved the crowd.
  • ovate I found an interesting ovate on the sidewalk.
  • skate

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