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How to spell EQUATS correctly?

The correct spelling for "equats" could be "equates" which means to make equal or "equator" which is an imaginary line that circles the earth at 0 degrees latitude. Another possible suggestion could be "equals" which means having the same value or quantity as something else.

List of suggestions on how to spell equats correctly

  • aquas The aquas of the Caribbean are known for their crystal clear beauty.
  • eats My cat loves to eats tuna.
  • equals In a fair and just society, everyone should be treated as equals.
  • equate It is not appropriate to equate your bad cooking with my terrible meal.
  • Equated She equated success with happiness, forgetting that the two were not always mutually exclusive.
  • equates
  • equator The equator is a geographic line that divides the Earth into the Northern and Southern Hemispheres.
  • equators The equators are imaginary lines that encircle the Earth at its widest point.
  • equity Equity is one of the most important factors in a company's success.
  • QUADS I went for a run yesterday and my quads were burning by the end!
  • quarts She had two quarts of ice cream.
  • quits After working for the company for a decade, John decided to call it quits and retire.
  • squats I do squats at the gym to strengthen my legs.

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