How to spell EQUIRE correctly?

If you have mistakenly typed "equire" instead of "require", fear not, as there are a few correct suggestions to rectify your error. The most fitting replacement is "require", a commonly used word to denote a need or necessity. Other potential substitutes could include "inqure" or "acquire", although these might alter the intended meaning of your sentence.

List of suggestions on how to spell equire correctly

  • acquire
  • eire
  • enquirer The enquirer called the customer service hotline to get more information about the product.
  • equine I love to ride equine horses.
  • equip She was about to put on her coat when she noticed the equip in the closet
  • EQUIV I'm sorry, I don't understand - could you please explain the word 'equiv' again?
  • esquire John Smith, Esquire, is a well-respected attorney in our community.
  • inquire I'd like to inquire about possible discounts.
  • quire The bookbinding requires a quire of paper.
  • require
  • squire I am the Squire of the local medieval market.

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