Correct spelling for EQUITTE

We think the word equitte is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for equitte

  • acquit I did hear that the charge against you with regard to the abstraction of the jewels was withdrawn, that you were therefore acquitted by law; but I heard also that society did not acquit you, and that, finding this, you had quitted France.
  • acquitted It is also a satisfaction to know that cases of this kind have not been more frequent of late than formerly; and this, although there has been in the present generation a marked increase in the number acquitted on the ground of insanity.
  • equate ↑ "New Generation Thinker 2014: Alasdair Cochrane asks if we should equate animals with humans when talking about rights?
  • equator 110. This is exactly what the earth does, and Newton calculated the bulging of it as fourteen miles all round the equator.
  • equine Thinking that she might as well share the pig-skin, she had, upon her husband attaining his majority, taken a dozen riding lessons somewhere near Regent's Park; had hacked irregularly ever since, and still, when off her equine guard, talked about a horse's ankles.
  • equity This admirable Court of Equity existed almost unaltered right down to 1798. The Hospital was a characteristic institution of the Order, and deserves some mention.
  • etiquette They could at least hope that a strong arm and a stout heart would carry them past those solid walls; they had not to think of social etiquette.
  • quiet If only Lotty would keep quiet .
  • quirt Then she struck him viciously with the quirt.
  • quit If you do not believe that religion means happiness, quit the pulpit and raise potatoes.
  • quite I don't quite understand it."
  • quito Spanish and German adventurers made effort after effort to reach this laguna, starting now from Peru, now from Quito, now from Trinidad, but they never found it: little advance was made in knowledge or authority, nor did Spain raise any definite pretensions to Guiana, although her provinces hemmed it in upon three sides.
  • quitter Even as the train was bearing Desmond, thus rebellious, Londonwards, Destiny was already pulling the strings which was to force the "quitter" back into the path he had forsaken.
  • quote In want of a better, I quote him.
  • requite In my opinion, no matter who confers the kindness, friend or foe, the recipient should endeavour to requite it, failing which he is a wrongdoer.
  • Equated Speech is equated with Brahman (Shatpatha Brahmana 2.
  • Equities Talbot owned options, equities, properties, shares in all the varied and numerous activities of the new city; but each and every one of them he held subject to payments which at the present time he could by no possibility make.
  • Quieter I shall understand you without words, and the quieter it is here the better."
  • Requiter
  • equates Because the difference between a tight and a slack chain equates to only very minor elongation of the links, chain tension should be visually checked at least weekly, especially if the bicycle is ridden in wet or dirty conditions.

23 words made from the letters equitte

4 letter words made from equitte:

tute, tetu, equi, tieu, teti, tuqi, etui, tuti, quit, tite.

5 letter words made from equitte:

queet, quiet, ittee, tiete, tuite, quite, tutee.

3 letter words made from equitte:

tet, ute, tie, tit, tiu, tee.

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