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How to spell EREAL correctly?

If you meant to type "ereal" but got it wrong, don't worry! Here are a few correct alternatives: "real", "ideal", "reel" or "dear". These words could fit in various contexts, whether you're talking about something genuine, perfect, a fishing tool or expressing affection. Remember to proofread next time!

List of suggestions on how to spell ereal correctly

  • aerial I love taking aerial photographs of the city from the top of the mountain.
  • ARAL
  • area I live in an area that is surrounded by beautiful parks and lakes.
  • areal The study found that the areal density of trees in the forest had decreased significantly over the past decade.
  • cereal
  • eel I ordered grilled eel for dinner.
  • era The Renaissance era saw a great flourishing of art, music, and literature.
  • Ere Ere I go to bed, I always read a chapter of my favorite book.
  • Errol Errol Flynn was a popular Australian-American actor known for his roles in adventure and swashbuckling films.
  • feral The stray cat had become feral after years of living on the streets.
  • oral
  • ordeal Going through the long ordeal of cancer treatments was one of the hardest things she ever had to do.
  • real
  • reel The fisherman felt the sudden tug on his line and started to reel it in.
  • REL
  • rial
  • serial The police were investigating the serial killer's latest victim.
  • unreal The special effects in that movie were so believable, it was unreal.
  • Ural
  • urea The urea cycle is the process by which the body eliminates excess nitrogen.

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