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How to spell ERGES correctly?

If you're constantly mistyping "erges" and looking for a correct alternative, you may actually mean "urges". This common misspelling can easily be rectified by swapping "erg" with "ur". So next time you feel the need to express strong desires or impulses, remember to type "urges" instead!

List of suggestions on how to spell erges correctly

  • ages It felt like ages had passed since I had last seen my childhood friend.
  • argos Argos is a city in Greece where the famous playwright Aeschylus was born.
  • argues He argues that his opinion is the only right one.
  • argus Argus was a giant with a hundred eyes in Greek mythology.
  • edges The edges of the canyon were steep and treacherous.
  • eggs
  • Egos Egos are the engines of self-promotion.
  • ERGS The Sahara desert is approximately 3.6 million square miles and contains vast expanses of both sand dunes and rocky plateaus, known as ERGs.
  • merges The company merges with its rival to create a stronger market presence.
  • Orgies
  • urges The addict struggled to resist his constant urges for drugs.
  • verges The garden verger was mowing the grass on the verges of the path.

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