What is the correct spelling for EROPIAN?

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Correct spelling for EROPIAN

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Possible correct spellings for eropian

  • arabian The capture of the town of Elath, at the head of the Arabian Gulf, by a detachment of the Syrian army, strengthened Ahaz in his belief that help could come only from Tiglath-Pileser.
  • eroding Location: Caribbean, in the northern Caribbean Sea, about halfway between Cuba and Puerto Rico Map references: Central America and the Caribbean, Standard Time Zones of the World Area: total area: 48,730 sq km land area: 48,380 sq km comparative area: slightly more than twice the size of New Hampshire Land boundaries: total 275 km, Haiti 275 km Coastline: 1,288 km Maritime claims: contiguous zone: 24 nm continental shelf: 200 nm or the outer edge of continental margin exclusive economic zone: 200 nm territorial sea: 6 nm International disputes: none Climate: tropical maritime; little seasonal temperature variation; seasonal variation in rainfall Terrain: rugged highlands and mountains with fertile valleys interspersed Natural resources: nickel, bauxite, gold, silver Land use: arable land: 23% permanent crops: 7% meadows and pastures: 43% forest and woodland: 13% other: 14% Irrigated land: 2,250 sq km (1989) Environment: current issues: water shortages; soil eroding into the sea damages coral reefs; deforestation natural hazards: subject to occasional hurricanes (July to October) international agreements: party to - Endangered Species, Marine Dumping, Marine Life Conservation, Nuclear Test Ban, Ozone Layer Protection; signed, but not ratified - Biodiversity, Climate Change, Law of the Sea Note: shares island of Hispaniola with Haiti (eastern two-thirds is the Dominican Republic, western one-third is Haiti)
  • erosion Here they have been developed on a plateau-like area on which erosion is sluggish.
  • eruption This place was destroyed by an eruption in 1631. At the northern boundary of the town is a picturesque cypress-planted cemetery, and there the lava stream was halted and turned aside.
  • ethiopian But the Ethiopian, who usually came to meet her with words of welcome, took her veil and wraps, and removed her shoes, was absent.
  • eurasian When he was nearer his pace slackened from exhaustion, and Honor recognized one of the pastors of the Mission, an Eurasian, his face pale and stricken and dripping with sweat.
  • europa Europa had played in the field a thousand times before, and no one had ever thought of any harm befalling her.
  • european When it is noted that in the year 1911 the European increase over the year 1904 in the whole Union of South Africa was 14.28 per cent.
  • europium Space suits were rapidly donned, the air-locks set in operation, and the men hastily began unloading the first four charges of hexoxen and Europium.
  • groping Honeycutt was near the bunk, groping for his shotgun.
  • iranian Alongside of the historical traditions and the epos stands the romantic poesy which has entered into Musalman literature in a marked degree in the shape of Iranian tradition.
  • propane The combustion of all carbon-based fuels, such as methane (natural gas), petroleum distillates (gasoline, diesel, kerosene, propane), coal, wood and generic organic matter produces carbon dioxide and, except in the case of pure carbon, water.
  • reopen The dark gentleman had no wish to reopen communication with the woman he had employed.
  • roping They were giving Grace Harlowe a demonstration of what western roping was, and, as she rode, Grace observed and enjoyed, as did her companions.
  • utopian How this expression was more or less Utopian, dogmatic, or doctrinaire, according as it related to a more or less developed phase of the real movement can be clearly traced.
  • Eloping Even Mrs. Bumpkin herself, in some extraordinary manner, seemed to be eloping with him.
  • Erin "The big brewer," said the queen of Erin.
  • Europeans The latter is especially popular in China and Japan, and is generally spoken of by Europeans as the 'Goddess of Mercy.

230 words made from the letters eropian

4 letter words made from eropian:

3 letter words made from eropian:

one, pen, pie, ear, arp, nap, ron, roe, pro, rio, epi, pre, ain, oar, pei, poi, ipo, ore, eon, air, per, ape, era, poa, pea, are, par, pin, pia, ern, nip, rep, ire, pan, rap, epa, ion, apr, ani, rna, neo, ira, rip, ane, poe.

6 letter words made from eropian:

penair, arpino, pinero, napier, peoria, airone, oparin, rapine, poiner, inepar, orpine, inaroe, panero, perino, pirone, painer, perona, pinera, pernio, rapino, peroni, proine, perian, pernia, porina.

5 letter words made from eropian:

orena, napro, raion, perno, peria, paone, nepro, norea, nario, anrep, noria, rione, panir, piano, paner, orpen, poner, irone, nipro, piron, orpin, opina, epona, orani, arpin, opera, paino, perna, pirna, pineo, areni, roine, preon, renai, apion, prone, penia, erion, penor, porae, peran, pirae, piane, apron, prien, ropin, paion, poire, pinar, proia, arone, irena, peira, naper, onair, poria, arine, paoni, ripen, poena, prine, nerio, anier, erian, reino, oiran, paine, perai, noire, pareo, riano, oprea, peano, peron, eiron, nerpa, piner, prion, pearn, rinoa, parni, piran, opine, piena.

7 letter words made from eropian:

openair, parione, apeiron, peorian, peraino, peirano, porneia.

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