Correct spelling for ERRENOUS

We think the word errenous is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for errenous

  • arrhenius A Brønsted or Arrhenius acid usually contains a hydrogen atom bonded to a chemical structure that is still energetically favorable after loss of H+.
  • cronus [Illustration: A The ancient Tower at Torone B Tower of Cronus in Sicily]
  • eeriness Through its partly open door that led into the kitchen they saw their child in the crescent of the candles, though she could not see them, as no more could Kate, whose chair was turned the other way. They stood in silence watching the strange performance, each with different feelings, but all with eeriness, silent people of the placid, old, half-rustic world that lives forever with realities and seldom sees the passions counterfeited.
  • erebus The bed was placed in a recess dark as Erebus, and betwixt the bed and the wall, was a depth profound, which Becky's eye dared not attempt to penetrate.
  • erogenous In the perversions which claim sexual significance for the oral cavity and the anal opening the part played by the erogenous zone is quite obvious.
  • erroneous But it will, perhaps, be said, that if an erroneous judgment of one jury should be reaffirmed by another, on a new trial, it must then be executed.
  • erroneously Erroneously called Ariosto, and ascribed to Titian.
  • irons I ought to be allowed a reasonable freedom, because I stand upon my deliverance; and no culprit ought to plead in irons.
  • onerous South Carolina, oppressed by onerous duties and stung by the injustice of a refusal to allow her the ordinary remedy against unconstitutional legislation, asserted the right, as a sovereign State, to nullify the law.
  • ruinous Why, if they behave viciously, they are a ruinous burden to thy house, and exceeding dangerous to their own master; while if they are honest, how canst thou count other men's virtue in the sum of thy possessions?
  • uranus It is as follows: Starting from 0, write the number 3, and double successively, 0 3 6 12 24 48 96 192 384. Then, add the number 4 to each of the preceding figures, which gives the following series: 4 7 10 16 28 52 100 196 388. Now it is a very curious fact that if the distance between the Earth and the Sun be represented by 10, the figure 4 represents the orbit of Mercury, 7 that of Venus, 16 of Mars; the figure 28 stands for the medium distance of the minor planets; the distances of Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus agree with 52, 100, and 196. The immortal French mathematician Le Verrier, who pursued the solution of the Uranian problem, supposed naturally that the disturbing planet must be at the distance of 388, and made his calculations accordingly.
  • Arenas Punta Arenas was waiting for its murder madness to begin.
  • Enos But subsequent events brought the affairs of these two damsels in closer connection with those of Deacon Enos, as we shall proceed to show.
  • errors I owe the most sincere gratitude to the honored gentlemen, who called my attention to certain errors, and among them will name particularly Professor Paul Ascherson of Berlin, and Dr. C. Rohrbach of Gotha.
  • earns What we gets we earns 'ard.
  • wrens Robins and wrens, orioles and mocking-birds, blue jays and jackdaws, thrushes and blue-birds and cardinals, all were busy house-building; one heard calls and answers, saw flashes of painted wings, followed by outbursts of ecstasy.
  • reruns TV Breizh concentrates on local programming such as news programmes but also reruns of old TF1 programmes such as Murder, She Wrote, Columbo and films.
  • earners Thus the homestead agitation begun by Evans and a group of wage earners and farmers in 1844 was carried to victory, though to an incomplete victory.
  • Euros Up to and after the production of automatic transmissions for Ford at the Bordeaux plant, HZ Holding expects to invest as much as 200 million Euros in the plant for new industrial projects, including producing components for wind turbines.
  • errands Thence by coach, doing several errands, home and there to dinner, and then to the Office, where all the afternoon till late at night, and so home.
  • earrings I tried the gold rings on my nose, and the earrings on my toes, and I knocked off the lid of a powder-box, and scattered the crimson contents all abroad.

156 words made from the letters errenous

3 letter words made from errenous:

one, esr, res, run, sen, use, sou, ern, orr, err, nsu, uro, see, sun, rue, sue, eos, urn, uns, ron, ese, roe, son, neo, ene, nee, ore, eon, sur.

5 letter words made from errenous:

rener, nouse, ensue, ensor, neuse, serre, unser, roese, sorer, oners, reuse, rense, erose, serer, enero, suree, urnes, snore, neuro, renes, seenu, nurrs, norse, renou, orens, suren, senor, urens, rouse, suero, rerun, seren, neues, reens, sneer, neuer, runes, suner, nurse, soner, ruers, urner, rones, neeru, reune, roeun, oeser, unsee, srour, surer, eunos, resen, rores, soeur, ronse, orner, renos, neros, roues, neure, resor, orene, ernes.

4 letter words made from errenous:

oseu, neus, ouen, eure, uner, nose, ruse, neue, osen, erse, seen, rues, osun, suon, sene, roue, ueno, orne, seor, onus, sree, rous, urns, usen, erne, onur, sonu, sore, rune, oure, uren, errs, runs, nuer, suen, reen, reno, nero, nous, ruer, euro, noer, ourn, eons, eous, oser, ruen, norr, rose, suer, seer, suro, sere, sone, renu, eros, user, suor, nurr, roen, enur, sure, runo, sour.

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