How to spell ESALATE correctly?

If you've mistakenly spelled "esalate", worry not! The correct word is "escalate". The "sc" combination might have been what you intended. Remember to double-check spellings before finalizing any piece of writing to ensure accuracy and clarity in your work.

List of suggestions on how to spell esalate correctly

  • desolate The town was desolate except for the occasional house.
  • elate Winning the championship game made the entire team elate with joy.
  • emulate AIM tried to emulate the Mac user interface.
  • escalate This dispute could easily escalate into a full-blown altercation.
  • estate I inherited my great-grandparents' estate.
  • evaluate I will need to evaluate your test results to determine your level of understanding.
  • isolate It is important to isolate the root of the problem before attempting to fix it.
  • salute The soldier marched down the street, stopping to salute the American flag as it was raised.
  • slate I would slate your argument if you could.

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