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How to spell ESAPED correctly?

The correct spelling for "esaped" is "escaped". To avoid future misspellings, one can use spell check, proofread their writing or ask for help from someone else. Additionally, improving one's vocabulary and practicing spelling words correctly can also prevent similar mistakes from occurring.

List of suggestions on how to spell esaped correctly

  • Aped Aped originally meant "from before", but is now commonly used as an abbreviation for "apex" or "a
  • eased
  • Eloped She eloped with her lover without telling her parents.
  • escaped The prisoner successfully escaped from the high-security jail.
  • Espied As I walked through the dense forest, I espied a beautiful deer grazing in the peaceful meadow.
  • Essayed Before submitting the final draft, he essayed several ideas for the introduction.
  • Sapped I felt completely sapped of energy after running the marathon.
  • Soaped The sponge was soaped in the sink.
  • Sped

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