Correct spelling for ESCELLENT

We think the word escellent is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for escellent

  • Appellant(Definition of appellant)
  • These shifts refuted, answer thy appellant, 1220 though by his blindness maimed for high attempts, who now defies thee thrice to single fight, as a petty enterprise of small enforce.

  • Ascent(Definition of ascent)
  • After a direct ascent of about 40 ft.

  • Assent(Definition of assent)
  • "that's bad business, wiley," protested blount half-heartedly and wiley nodded assent.

  • Silent(Definition of silent)
  • It is so good, is it not, no longer to hear anything and to be silent.

  • Iceland(Definition of iceland)
  • 13,599. how do you do on the iceland voyage for these fishing supplies?

  • Aslant(Definition of aslant)
  • We are not afraid of being left chilly by his absence, when his rays fall aslant upon us, or of being roasted when they blaze down upon us perpendicularly.

  • Salient(Definition of salient)
  • But these little homesteads in or about the salient are few in their strange escape, and elsewhere there is not a building which stands unpierced or in more than a fragment of ruin.

  • Effluent(Definition of effluent)
  • Hence this effluent, if placed upon the soil, is of great value.

  • Resilient(Definition of resilient)
  • Half-way down they threw themselves full length on the resilient cushions of grass and, bathed in sunshine, listened to the perpetual screaming of the gulls and boom of the waves in caverns round the coast.

  • Emollient(Definition of emollient)
  • After bleeding, the patient should gargle with barley water, or milk and water; and apply an emollient cataplasm to the cheek.

  • Excellent(Definition of excellent)
  • At the restaurant la fayette, which is the best conducted of these establishments, an excellent french dinner may be had.

  • Sealant
  • 5 °c (the blackening compound), and finally the sealant, which is usually oil.

  • Insolent(Definition of insolent)
  • Often he himself burned with an angry impulse to jump down from his seat and punish the insolent effrontery of some ruffian in uniform.

  • Slant(Definition of slant)
  • The afternoon was lovely; the slant beams of the setting sun came back from gilded windows, and the houses and chimney-tops of the little town were in a glow; but she saw nothing bright anywhere-in all the glory of the setting sun the little town looked strange and miserable.

  • Usenet
  • Before "blogging" became popular, digital communities took many forms, including usenet, commercial online services such as genie, bix and the early compuserve, e-mail lists and bulletin board systems (bbs).

  • Ebullient(Definition of ebullient)
  • "not bad-for a photogravure," said warburton, who had the air of a grave elder in the presence of this ebullient youth.

  • Easement(Definition of easement)
  • It ought of course to have given peter, seeing the interest he took in her, a like uneasiness; but there was something in the unmitigated hardness of her situation that afforded him the sort of easement he had, inexplicably, in the plainness of her dress.

  • Ocelot(Definition of ocelot)
  • "why," said the professor, "this is an ocelot, very dangerous when attacked, and just the kind of beast to elude you.

  • Assailant(Definition of assailant)
  • So terrific is his bite, when he gets a chance at his assailant, that the newfoundlanders say the carcass itself can bite after the head has been cut off.

115 words made from the letters escellent

4 letter words made from escellent:

5 letter words made from escellent:

lenel, nesle, ences, sence, lente, cente, steel, selce, celle, senec, neste, nells, eells, teens, netes, lenes, stele, teene, lense, neset, leets, leete, telen, seele, tenes, nestl, enets, tells, cense, tence, enset, elsen, etens, ctene, clent, estle, celts, sente, tense, scent, leste, selle, selee, ellet, elect, esten, teele, leest, stene, scene, telle, sleet.

3 letter words made from escellent:

est, ect, sec, net, nec, tec, tlc, ent, nsc, lee, enl, sle, see, eec, let, ene, ell, etc, nee, tee, cst, set, ten, cns, sen, eel, ese.