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How to spell ESTAY correctly?

The correct spelling for "estay" could be "estate", "essay" or "stay". It depends on the context in which the word is being used. If it refers to someone's property, "estate" would be the correct term. If it refers to a written composition, "essay" would be more appropriate. If it means to remain in a particular place, "stay" would be the suitable word.

List of suggestions on how to spell estay correctly

  • assay The lab technician conducted an assay to determine the purity of the chemical compound.
  • astray The hiker realized he was astray when he could no longer see the trail.
  • esau Esau was the elder son of Isaac and the brother of Jacob in the Bible.
  • espy As he walked along the path, he was able to espy a deer hidden in the bushes.
  • essay I have to write an essay on the impact of social media on the youth of today.
  • Essays I have to write two essays for my English class this week.
  • est
  • estate The multi-millionaire left his entire estate to charity.
  • ester I am studying the chemical reaction between an alcohol and an acid to produce an ester.
  • Estes
  • estuary The estuary serves as a vital habitat for many aquatic species.
  • eta ETA is an acronym for estimated time of arrival.
  • ETAS
  • Etta She is the proud owner of an adorable cat named Etta.
  • satay I had Indonesian satay for lunch.
  • STA
  • star She loved the star on his shirt.
  • stay
  • sty I can smell the unmistakable stench of a cow sty from here.
  • testy I was feeling testy after my argument with my sister.
  • vesta The brightest asteroid in our solar system is named Vesta.
  • zesty The new pizza place down the street has some really zesty sauces on their pizzas.

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