Correct spelling for ESTURINE

We think the word esturine is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for esturine

  • Austrian
  • Snatching at the camel's head-rope, the austrian lifted, almost threw mrs. haxton up to the saddle.

  • Astern
  • And, if you will believe me, miss fountain, though there was just a breath on and off right aft, and the foresail, jib and mizzen all set to catch it, she towed the ship astern a good cable's length, and the last thing was she broke the harpoon shaft just below the line, and away she swam right in the wind's eye.

  • String
  • He gave me the key, which i fastened to a string and hung around my neck under my shirt.

  • Listerine
  • Brainwasher – 3:58 if you choose me – 3:46 why do i need a job – 2:43 you never knew (i lied) – 3:31 shine – 3:17 god – 4:35 miss you the most – 3:07 kiss me (or i will cry) – 2:13 dog – 3:36 limpin – 3:17 devil doll – 3:21 untitled – 0:26 gasoline listerine – 2:03

  • Strainer
  • Put these pieces in a frying-pan with two or three ounces of butter, and one onion, chopped fine; set on a sharp fire, stir now and then tin the whole is fried, then add a bunch of seasoning composed of three sprigs of parsley, one of thyme, a bay-leaf, and a clove; salt, pepper, and three gills of madeira wine; boil gently till reduced about half; dish the pieces of lobster according to fancy; add two or three tablespoonfuls of gravy to the sauce, stir it, give one boil, and turn it over the lobster through a strainer; serve warm.

  • Restrainer
  • In addition to manufacture of silver bromide, potassium bromide is used as a restrainer in black and white developer formulas.

  • Estrange
  • She was violently jealous of this lizette, whoever she might be; but, somehow her jealousy did not estrange her from her lover.

  • Restrain
  • Here she sobbed so violently, and covered her eyes with her hands, that the young duke could no longer restrain his feelings.

  • Estrus
  • North american beaver have one litter per year, coming into estrus for only 12 to 24 hours, between late december and may but peaking in january.

  • Starring
  • Murder on a honeymoon - 1935 film, starring edna may oliver as hildegarde withers, takes place on catalina island pirate party on catalina isle - 1935 short film; features a pirate-themed variety show set on the island captain blood - 1935 film captain calamity - 1936 captains courageous - 1937 film youre only young once - 1937; andy hardy family vacation movie, starring mickey rooney isle of destiny - 1939

  • Stirring
  • You can always count on stirring me without effort.

  • Astatine
  • 1 hours or less, decaying into other astatine isotopes, bismuth, polonium or radon.

  • Storing
  • It is interesting to feel the throb of the intellectual pulse of england in the late sixties when lafcadio hearn was wandering about the wilderness of london, absorbing thoughts and storing ideas for the future.

  • Stringer
  • So, we returned to the scene and here i met bob barrett, the fbi agent, and sergeant stringer and barrett and i were together, and then an eyewitness to the shooting of the officer from across the street, a lady, came to the car, and she was telling us how this happened.

  • Easterner
  • Personally i think that resolution would have been a great deal more enlightening to the average easterner if the ministerial association had plainly called a spade a spade.

  • Entering
  • I bowed and left them, feeling with no common bitterness the humiliation of entering into rivalry with mr. van brandt.

  • Pasturing
  • The harbour lies on the west, and the town ended on the east in a plain of short grass called the links, on which the townspeople had the right of pasturing their cows and geese.

  • Astride
  • Then, my blood boiling at this treatment, i got astride of him, and roasted his ribs royally, and with more force than ever i had conceived myself to be possessed of.

  • Estrogen
  • Most labial adhesions resolve spontaneously before puberty as estrogen levels increase and the vaginal epithelium becomes cornified.

  • Suturing
  • Estonia
  • Foreign-owned: 41 (denmark 4, estonia 2, finland 12, germany 5, italy 9, norway 7, uk 2)

  • Astaire
  • Before heading back to new york, benchley took a role in the feature film dancing lady (1933), which also featured joan crawford, clark gable, fred astaire, nelson eddy, and the three stooges.

  • Uterine
  • Restoring
  • The revolution brought a reverse of fortune, but he had managed to marry an heiress of good family, and, in the time of the empire, appeared to be on the point of restoring to our house its ancient splendor.

  • Estuaries
  • But the degradation of their banks, and the transportation of earthy matter to the sea by their currents, are gradually filling up the estuaries even of those mighty floods, and unless the threatened evil shall be averted by the action of geological forces, or by artificial contrivances more efficient than dredging-machines, the destruction of every harbor in the world which receives a considerable river must inevitably take place at no very distant date.

  • Enduring
  • Work, plain hard work, is the foundation of every enduring job, and the executive who thinks he can do without it has a sharp reckoning day ahead.

  • Pestering
  • Miss chatterton has not been strong all winter, and was warned against damp and exposure; but you managed to convince her it was her duty to wander up and down the village, pestering the sick folk, in spite of the rain and snow.

  • Steering
  • While you are steering i shall sleep at the wheel.

  • Strain
  • With a little increased strain put upon his vanity and pride, he had run amuck.

  • Gesturing
  • He jumped up and started pacing up and down, gesturing with his arms.

  • Festering
  • The massacre finished, we thought our turn come; but no, we were led back to our hut, and the next day the scene was enacted again, and this continued for eight days, until some five hundred corpses lay festering on the rocks.

  • Posturing
  • Women wearing a small helmet from which depended three long cords ending in a tassel, their wrists and ankles bound with black leather bands, and wearing close fitting drawers suspended by a single brace passed over their shoulders, performed tricks of strength and contortions each more surprising than another; posturing, throwing themselves back, bending their supple bodies like willow branches, and touching the ground with their necks without displacing their heels, supporting in that impossible attitude the weight of their companions; others juggled with a ball, two balls, three balls, before, behind, their arms crossed, astride of or standing upon the loins of one of the women of the company.

  • Stringy
  • His hair was pasted flat to his sides in long, stringy waves, giving him a queer, corrugated effect.

  • Estuary
  • As the morning approached, she had entered more deeply into the bay: and when the light permitted, those on board her had been able to see that no vessel lay beneath the hills, nor in any of the more retired places of the estuary.

  • Styron
  • Staring
  • She blinked from the staring blue eyes which she timidly raised to mostyn's face.

  • Assuring
  • I took them back to the convent, assuring them that i would take them to the opera on the following evening.

  • Eastern
  • A line of low ridges ran all round the eastern horizon, and another bluff-faced hill lay at the south-west end of them.

485 words made from the letters esturine

5 letter words made from esturine:

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4 letter words made from esturine:

reti, nute, rute, ruen, tune, eter, usen, turn, eure, reni, urie, erei, sent, nest, rues, erie, seer, ture, nsui, tsur, rune, eier, trei, erne, rite, nuts, rein, tern, nets, tuin, eris, tieu, tsen, site, rent, unti, reen, uner, eire, suin, seen, stun, unie, rise, tuen, nuit, setu, utri, utne, erse, tues, tsui, tine, user, neus, tier, neue, sine, suer, renu, sire, treu, teen, runt, erst, eien, enur, etre, sree, suir, eriu, ries, rete, snit, stir, inus, ruse, rust, etui, ties, tuni, erni, iten, uren, runs, tree, ruin, tire, nits, sere, iure, inst, tuis, iesu, suet, unit, sein, sure, ruts, rieu, suit, irun, tuer, true, suen, nuer, rest, sene, reit, urns.

6 letter words made from esturine:

estrie, ituren, enters, situer, teresi, retune, nusret, unrest, seiren, teneur, rustie, untier, estrun, seiter, rentes, siente, nister, reisen, tereus, unties, sinter, surete, urites, reties, nester, ursine, inerts, resite, senter, inters, reuten, sterne, eisert, ureine, inures, nitres, tenser, sreten, eisner, seiten, erusin, teesri, tuners, trenes, treens, suiter, uresin, uresti, enures, resent, tierse, suerte, sueter, surite, intrus, serine, steine, urinse, neiers, tureen, neuter, trines, reints, renies, niters, ternes, sunter, stuner, estrin, neutre, insure, eusine, triene, tienes, renest, sutier, rutins, urines, sturin, unites, steier, untere, entier, etnies, nereus, reines, sterni, stiner, triune, unsere, tensei, insert, itunes, tunier, entire, riesen, steuer, ensure, sentir, ersten, nistru, tenure, erinus, reiten.

3 letter words made from esturine:

ret, tiu, tun, est, irs, net, sue, ire, run, res, nut, rue, sur, esr, see, use, sir, sit, ter, tee, ert, uns, tie, tri, tin, set, rut, ute, uni, nee, urn, ent, ern, nsu, rit, ese, ene, ies, sin, sun, nit, ten, sen.

7 letter words made from esturine:

retinue, reunite, neturei, nerites, trienes, tenures, nutsier, uterine, sentire, neuters, interes, retines, trenise, erstein, triunes, retusin, teniers, insuree, teresin, retunes, sentier, steiner, tiersen, uniters, entires, tureens, suetier, ensuite.