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How to spell ETATES correctly?

If you made the common misspelling "etates", fear not! The correct spelling is "estates". The letter "s" at the end indicates the plural form of "estate". Double-check your spelling before submitting important documents or emails, as attention to detail is crucial.

List of suggestions on how to spell etates correctly

  • abates The storm abates and the sun shines brightly once again.
  • acetates She used acetates to record the soundtrack to her movie.
  • aerates The aerates the soil to make it more fertile.
  • agates The beach was filled with colorful agates, ready to be collected by eager rock hunters.
  • dates I'll see you at the picnic on the dates.
  • eaters The bad eaters are going to get their just desserts.
  • eats The dog always eats his food as soon as I put it in his bowl.
  • elates
  • Elites The elites of the society easily dominate the resources and power.
  • equates
  • estates The lawyer was in charge of dividing the deceased's estates among the rightful heirs.
  • Estes The Estes KF-5 can launch a missile up to 1,000 miles.
  • ETAS Etas is a UK-based energy trading company.
  • evades
  • mutates
  • oates Joyce Carol Oates is a prolific author, having written over 70 novels, numerous short stories, and nonfiction works.
  • orates The professor orates on the complex topic of quantum mechanics to a captivated audience.
  • petites I have a few petites friends who I enjoy spending time with.
  • rotates
  • sedates The doctor sedates his patients before performing any surgical procedure.
  • states The states are Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut.
  • STATS I need to get some stats for my team before we scrimmage again.
  • statues The museum contained a wide variety of ancient statues from different cultures.
  • status She checked her social media status every morning.
  • TATERS I am looking for a restaurant with taters on the menu.
  • TATS He got a new tattoo and showed off his fresh tats.
  • TOTES I totes hate this assignment.

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