Correct spelling for EUQIEMENT

We think the word euqiement is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for euqiement

  • acquirement It was a tessaraglot grammar; a strange old book, printed somewhere in Holland, which pretended to be an easy guide to the acquirement of the French, Italian, Low Dutch, and English tongues, by means of which any one conversant in any one of these languages could make himself master of the other three.
  • ailment We delight in them, though they prove the previous existence of a filthy ailment.
  • aliment Dogs to whom you present an aliment for which they have no taste, bite you. You will say that I repeat myself; but we must a hundred times remind mankind that the holy conclave condemned Galileo; and that the pedants who declared all the good citizens excommunicated who should submit to the great Henry IV., were the same who condemned the only truths which could be found in the works of Descartes.
  • augment The mountain men and trappers delighted to augment the tremors of the fearful, and round the camp fires listening groups hung on the words of long-haired men clad in dirty buckskins, whose moccasined feet had trod the trails of the fur trader and his red brother.
  • easement
  • element
  • equipment
  • figment
  • pigment
  • regiment

130 words made from the letters euqiement

5 letter words made from euqiement:

queet, teemu, temin, muine, mitee, nique, uteem, untie, tinue, tumin, neeme, tiene, eenie, queen, quite, tenue, neumi, quien, muite, einem, teene, meite, neeti, teneu, quint, metin, quine, temne, temen, neque, queem, tumen, nimet, quiet, tueni, munte, neume, menti, inmet, unmet, ntumi, niete, unite, emine, tenmu.

4 letter words made from euqiement:

muen, item, quem, emin, neem, quen, temu, mien, utne, mute, teem, muti, itum, unie, imee, mein, qemu, enim, neue, quin, meen, temi, emit, nuit, equi, umit, mine, mene, inme, tuen, tieu, mint, etui, metn, eien, uniq, uitm, tuin, munt, unti, numi, numt, teen, etim, tuni, tumi, meet, time, nute, unit, timu, menu, quit, tuqi, iten, neum, mite, unqi, tune, tine.

3 letter words made from euqiement:

nee, ene, tin, men, net, emu, meq, unq, tum, mei, min, ent, mut, nit, tiu, mit, tee, tie, qum, ute, ten, uni, nim, nut, tun.

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