What is the correct spelling for EXAMPLING?

This word (Exampling) may be misspelled. Below you can find the suggested words which we believe are the correct spellings for what you were searching for. If you click on the links, you can find more information about these words.

Correct spelling for EXAMPLING

We think the word exampling is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for exampling

  • examine Do you wish to cross-examine the witness?"
  • example Where would she be more likely to follow a good example than in the heart of her own family?
  • exemplify This is assuredly the opportunity for which a people and a government like ours were raised up, the opportunity not only to speak but actually to embody and exemplify the counsels of peace and amity and the lasting concord which is based on justice and fair and generous dealing.
  • exhaling The mean streets of Windley were soon left far behind and they found themselves journeying along a sunlit, winding road, bordered with hedges of hawthorn, holly and briar, past rich, brown fields of standing corn, shimmering with gleams of gold, past apple-orchards where bending boughs were heavily loaded with mellow fruits exhaling fragrant odours, through the cool shades of lofty avenues of venerable oaks, whose overarched and interlacing branches formed a roof of green, gilt and illuminated with quivering spots and shafts of sunlight that filtered through the trembling leaves; over old mossy stone bridges, spanning limpid streams that duplicated the blue sky and the fleecy clouds; and then again, stretching away to the horizon on every side over more fields, some rich with harvest, others filled with drowsing cattle or with flocks of timid sheep that scampered away at the sound of the passing carriages.
  • expelling
  • explain
  • sampling
  • Examining
  • Exampled
  • Exampling
  • Exempting
  • Exiling
  • examples
  • dis-satisfies

438 words made from the letters exampling

3 letter words made from exampling:

igm, elm, gal, nlp, ale, lpn, lax, mei, epi, xli, lan, aim, aix, ali, nil, nig, man, lip, mag, lie, leg, ail, pax, pin, pel, lea, pig, exa, age, pan, gap, iga, pix, pei, gel, axe, emg, gin, mal, lap, pen, nag, gen, pie, ani, ixl, lag, min, lxi, mix, gnp, pea, mil, ape, max, ain, men, amp, nim, pia, gxe, lei, meg, ilx, ane, enl, nap, nip, alp, imp, map, epa, nix, lin, peg, ige, gem, pal, lem, lam.

5 letter words made from exampling:

imane, angel, nilam, panem, ampex, palen, glman, melia, aline, meina, palem, magin, milan, plani, aming, emani, penia, piman, ilmen, ginep, lange, lamen, genil, galim, mengi, amien, igman, elang, eling, galie, pagle, agile, limax, exing, egami, malen, manex, image, miang, eiman, emain, gelan, piela, liman, ngiam, gamle, impel, email, menil, legia, magni, glean, ilang, pange, amlin, ampeg, lanxi, milpa, ganem, xieng, genma, palme, glemp, gapen, nigam, alien, pling, aplin, pixel, glipa, liepa, limpa, anime, align, maeil, paeng, amgen, lamie, gamil, aigle, galen, anile, menia, ngael, linam, pangi, pimen, ligan, lenig, linge, mange, maige, gimel, nepga, ximen, meinl, milea, maeng, plane, negai, minea, pelin, paxil, plain, nepal, genip, limen, ngami, namig, penal, agnle, axing, ample, gleam, legin, geman, angei, enami, mangi, galip, malpe, lagen, ganim, pleix, paign, iplex, gelin, plame, panel, menga, pelni, milne, naeim, minga, plage, genal, gamin, piang, penam, gilan, iname, minge, minal, laing, mleng, paine, penix, lapin, palmi, magne, pagil, magix, ampil, lampi, pinga, gmina, glina, ligne, pinel, amine, maple, glane, almen, legan, inpex, xiang, nexia, palni, eglin, melin, angle, gleim, ampli, maine, ingel, aling, pexin, pegli, elima, pagni, melan, gelpi, piane, pline, lipan, axile, pagne, mingl, pagel, piena, glime, gimpe, ainge, langi, lampe, lemna, nimal, namie, agnel, mapei, pegia, lenga, palgn, enlai, paige, menai, lexan, algin, pilea, plena.

4 letter words made from exampling:

nagl, legi, lena, axin, pain, enix, leap, mein, nagi, lame, plen, nail, name, naxi, mien, lane, palm, nega, mpge, exam, gila, gien, gael, lime, minx, gean, lapi, plei, enim, ilna, nile, lnge, nepa, negm, mane, peag, peil, inge, igel, imae, pile, pine, xmpl, agni, inma, gnel, alep, mali, lima, lagi, apne, manx, engi, nexp, leni, elia, ling, axle, lein, nipa, maxi, anle, limp, giel, peal, mine, pale, mile, axil, plan, mina, ixpl, lean, gape, egin, eang, elan, lega, limn, alne, neap, peli, pean, pang, ilex, egli, laim, gamp, xian, main, plax, game, mgal, nape, exil, lanx, nixa, ngae, epng, mixe, nipe, glen, nige, nipl, pail, magi, lape, pima, piel, glia, gipn, mean, gaen, amen, meal, iamx, male, pane, line, ming, amex, axim, ping, glan, anil, egna, lamp, lien, lixa, mail, gain, gale, emin, plea, inga, plai, page, mexi, inme, anem, apex, laie, gnal, xema, ngap, gimp, inle, maen.

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