What is the correct spelling for EXCELLERATION?

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Correct spelling for EXCELLERATION

We think the word excelleration is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for excelleration

  • acceleration He connected the concepts of force and acceleration with a new concept, that of mass.
  • exaggeration The above description of an outside Appell is by no means an exaggeration.
  • exasperation The stranger turned red with exasperation.
  • exclamation As she woke with a startled exclamation, a hand went out to her.
  • exculpation All this was true, and no attempt at exculpation was made, but it was felt that a breach existed.
  • execration The hearts of the people were open to the deepest impressions of sympathy, melting into tears at the pathetic address of the magnanimous spirit who had touched them; in one moment Sir Lewis Stucley became an object of execration throughout the nation; he soon obtained a new title, that of "Sir Judas," and was shunned by every man.
  • exhilaration There is so much exhilaration in the shrill bugle-notes which order the movements of the drill, and so much life in its swift evolutions, that the men and horses seem to dance rather than walk on their way to the drill grounds, and both are readily learning the certain sounds of the trumpet, and becoming masters of motions and dispositions required of them.
  • exoneration For the factor had no intention of permitting Jean's exoneration to hang in the balance of the prejudiced mind of Wallace.
  • exploration "Inverness, here, is head of a party of scientists bent upon a certain exploration.
  • accelerations It involves alertness of spiritual response, alacrity in taking hints and filling orders, timely appreciations, considerate delays, and all the other delicate retards and accelerations that are necessary if hearts are to beat as one.

612 words made from the letters excelleration

3 letter words made from excelleration:

ert, cxl, rot, ill, ale, let, car, neo, lan, ilx, ect, ene, toe, tao, cot, ion, are, ter, rna, tor, act, eel, con, crt, cio, tia, tea, tar, ret, ten, ixl, ani, tan, lao, lac, etc, lie, roc, ton, ear, tax, lir, ane, ell, ent, xci, rit, ola, net, lei, axe, xcl, rat, nit, tie, ceo, ali, era, eat, oct, air, nee, exa, one, ant, ern, tec, tin, ore, clx, ail, eon, tic, nrc, not, lox, leo, roe, arc, cro, aec, nec, xli, eta, lax, ire, all, col, ain, cer, cli, aix, alt, lat, otc, nil, nix, lin, ace, lxi, tai, oca, ron, ira, ixc, cox, lit, eec, can, ilo, tlc, tri, oat, nox, ate, lea, art, oil, ice, oar, rio, lot, cia, ler, tee, cat, lee, enl.

5 letter words made from excelleration:

artix, cerna, arlit, actin, ation, allen, atelo, clone, croix, coila, coale, aereo, carol, colli, alire, cotan, anter, enero, crete, canoe, elect, ailor, arete, cinoa, artin, alete, atrix, acier, ancol, altri, crato, alert, crile, cilan, caton, calot, eerie, aitor, alter, actel, corta, arcel, enact, arine, artec, canio, clean, ciona, actor, antic, clere, catli, antix, celal, ealor, caire, cline, cinae, cello, cient, coxal, enter, acree, canet, allco, antle, croll, entre, crean, atler, conel, cielo, elaio, conti, craon, cotai, carex, coate, ellet, ceral, colee, ellac, ecleo, claro, alone, ciena, croel, coatl, canot, coari, aneel, clain, alere, citra, coner, canto, alero, crall, alier, ariot, aceto, citor, acero, corex, areni, enrol, alite, eclat, allee, eaten, enlai, acorn, certa, celan, earll, coral, axite, atrio, anele, corna, cilea, cleat, elite, enlil, eatin, crane, cente, aerie, cinta, arcti, axton, coire, cleal, arlon, coile, clert, creil, crena, creno, cerne, croat, centi, corax, arone, atire, coill, altin, calox, anole, ctene, axino, canor, cnote, creel, axtel, cinar, coeli, eater, ceoil, coxae, atole, calor, corne, colne, aille, carte, axion, elrio, entia, clito, clein, acoel, einat, elion, colie, eletr, aiton, crine, citee, aloni, arcee, coxen, craxi, coria, atlin, altro, caion, crill, eelco, celtx, anier, calne, eliel, cinto, eiron, atoll, aline, eleia, artio, enloe, atoni, celer, carni, ecall, cairn, coati, carll, eitel, aello, cloer, ancre, elate, allot, atrox, crone, acene, caret, eilot, caito, clent, carno, cante, cerio, caroe, eliot, clear, acone, enate, cater, caner, atene, clier, ceron, allor, alito, cairo, enlit, ecton, creen, coler, eenie, altix, conta, crate, eiler, cirta, areel, ceren, eneco, clane, artel, atone, ciano, creal, celle, aneto, elaeo, elric, canol, arcot, citro, cerae, creta, anexo, elint, croal, corte, ainee, arent, earnt, cleto, acter, clore, arico, alien, axone, actio, atric, caere, anile, cerat, allio, certo, cione, crati, creon, caril, axile, corni, croan.

4 letter words made from excelleration:

cree, eeto, itll, core, alee, anil, etlo, enlo, leal, lint, laox, axon, cora, erne, lert, arno, aeon, cene, erie, ileo, aire, iler, corn, laon, cron, cert, elee, ctxn, coat, ante, iton, eien, elea, leti, cite, aleo, crax, liro, ciao, elia, lele, lixa, lanx, itno, exon, lite, cart, aril, late, lane, eorl, clit, loen, celt, eier, laie, liao, leao, cane, leer, elei, acer, acne, ical, coen, ilet, inoa, eral, aero, cero, loix, icao, areo, call, leni, aoli, leto, eile, allt, ecer, liel, lero, leon, cola, coil, lace, eteo, aloe, eira, ertl, anol, colt, lein, lien, inlo, alto, cent, lilt, icon, clan, erei, enix, cali, lilo, liet, enel, iten, loan, clot, cote, eoan, cell, leio, iron, earl, cnlt, lent, coln, anio, coxa, lelo, liar, cone, exit, liol, earn, axle, inle, lail, etre, coin, inec, coir, ento, larn, laic, lear, enic, atle, alne, anle, lion, loin, lari, anti, coax, enol, clon, coex, leil, lore, etna, llao, cant, erni, lorn, axil, iora, ilna, leel, eter, inca, iota, coal, airt, loei, lena, eire, lean, cain, lair, cran, leit, cole, ilex, lino, cere, exil, elan, care, line, elli, lira, loir, elio, calx, iran, crex, erce, ecto, clio, acre, lone, axin.

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