What is the correct spelling for EXEMPTARY?

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Correct spelling for EXEMPTARY

We think the word exemptary is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for exemptary

  • exemplar Such, however, was both his fault and his misfortune and he is a bad exemplar.
  • exemplary Even at the age of thirty, it was yet uncertain whether Ernest Maltravers might become an exemplary or an evil man.
  • exempt They were exempt from military and other public duties.
  • Exempted They receive no pay, but are exempted from certain obligations and services, which makes the office desirable; and no small object of the political struggle through which the village had passed, was to change the alcaldes of the wells.
  • Exempting We already have done something in that direction in exempting the very smallest incomes from taxation.
  • exempts A pardon fully exempts the individual from the punishment imposed upon him by law; a reprieve, on the other hand, is simply a temporary suspension of the execution of a sentence.
  • exemplars
  • dis-satisfy

362 words made from the letters exemptary

6 letter words made from exemptary:

exempt, eatery, etayer, xtreme, reteam, tarpey, extemp, aertex, remate, tarmey, partee, tamper, paymer, rampey, meryta, petary, eramet, petery, temper, tempra, yeater, permet, pretax, aptery, petrey, expert, tepary, teamer, taxeme, mateer, repeat, tameer, retape, ampere, eyetap, retype, parmet, artemy, petare, ampery, peyrat, peyret, preeya, empare, trampe, metepa, trampy, partem, empart, prayee.

4 letter words made from exemptary:

pare, pert, aper, pate, prat, mere, texa, reap, meye, paey, tare, erya, rete, mare, army, tyre, pram, teye, myre, xema, eyam, part, pyat, team, ympt, aery, tear, ayre, meta, mary, expr, year, ptax, mart, xare, amex, tree, tery, myrt, tray, tram, xrep, tera, trey, tarp, reay, pray, apex, yeap, marx, pyre, peat, trap, taee, teem, myat, rapt, epyx, paty, tape, reye, prey, meet, ymer, exam, prae, ayte, ryme, ayer, pyra, amyx, paye, eery, pear, eyra, type, rape, tary, tamp, perm, eryx, epae, xeer, temp, meat, rype, etre, mext, ytre, arey, tyee, term, tame, rayt, eter, peer, arty, mate, rate, ramp, mayr, peay, yeta, mypa, ream, reax, tepe.

5 letter words made from exemptary:

emert, peret, pyare, tempa, merta, yrapt, ramex, eexam, meaty, armet, peare, rempt, ratee, petey, rempe, treem, mayte, exert, meare, peyer, repay, payet, retem, matrx, ratey, marye, remya, pater, teera, terex, extry, remax, ameer, petyr, ampex, party, prete, ramee, preta, praxe, mayer, rexam, yater, empey, patre, tamer, aremy, parem, premy, teare, arete, trema, emery, empta, ptere, ermey, yerma, remex, prexy, xerta, remey, teary, apter, apery, armee, paree, emeap, mtype, armey, mater, praet, meret, patey, reate, peaty, retax, peary, pyrex, rampy, ameet, reema, typex, peate, xyrem, metry, taper, arpey, mytee, typea, eater, remet, tarpy, amper, terem, prate, eamer, pamer, rapee, yearp, matey, payer, reamy, temer, petya, typer, peaer, aryee, meter, praty, tramp, typee, perea, metre, merya, terme, pyrte, tryma, peter, maxer, empty, payee, mtera, teper, amrep, yerxa, taxer, extra, paret, patry, treme, ramet, mpret.

3 letter words made from exemptary:

tam, pax, atp, ert, atm, mya, tay, ret, eta, pee, pya, era, ear, yet, rem, pyx, exa, rya, rat, try, ate, arp, trm, tax, par, art, yam, amp, per, yap, axe, yea, pet, apt, pay, mar, ayr, rap, rye, ray, arm, tar, tee, eye, mat, may, ter, pyr, rep, tyr, max, pea, apr, tea, rpm, pre, pry, are, epa, tap, ape, ram, pat, map, eat.

7 letter words made from exemptary:

empayre, tempera, apteryx, peatery, tampere, exparte, treemap, extrema.

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