What is the correct spelling for EXERIMENTING?

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Correct spelling for EXERIMENTING

We think the word exerimenting is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for exerimenting

  • experiment He had tried a new experiment, which proved a failure.
  • experimental And as an experimental knowledge of this gospel is so very important, I have endeavoured to press that importance upon your consciences.
  • experimentation Careful experimentation will usually show this to be a matter of the way the thermometer is hung in relation to the heating surfaces and to the eggs.
  • experimenter It seems not improbable that had the work progressed without change in experimenter, or method of procedure, and above all without the disturbance of the painting, Sobke might have solved problem 4 within a few days.
  • Examining He had been examining the second pair of gloves as they spoke and he now handed them back again.
  • Exempting For seven months the pretender ruled this mighty empire, and with such beneficence and justice that for long after his death he was deeply regretted by all the peoples of Asia, with the exception of the warlike Persians, whom he offended by exempting all his subjects from military service for three years, and from all kinds of tribute.
  • Experimented It is recorded that on many occasions he experimented with his wings on the Lake Thrasymenus.
  • Exterminating Tradition says that, fearing their wretchedness might inspire the Indians with the hope of exterminating them, those early graves were first leveled and then planted upon in order to conceal their losses.
  • experiments This problem can be solved only by scientific experiments with the time-binding energy.
  • experimenting The birds perhaps have the best of it thus far, but the bird is limited to a small range of performances while he shifts his singing-boughs through the climates of the continent, whereas the poet, though a little inclined to mistake aspiration for inspiration, and vagueness of longing for subtlety, is experimenting in a most hopeful manner.
  • experimenters These experimenters also found a difference of 2% between the speed of red and blue light, a result which can only be attributed to some unexplained source of error.

361 words made from the letters exerimenting

3 letter words made from exerimenting:

ire, ern, tee, rim, mit, nmr, mri, emg, eeg, gen, nit, nim, ent, ten, ert, net, nee, gin, trm, ter, tin, gee, igm, nig, tie, ene, inn, ret, meg, gmt, tri, erg, min, nix, men, get, mei, teg, mix, rig, ige, nne, rem, gxe, gem, xii, rit.

5 letter words made from exerimenting:

exert, tiger, tenix, tieng, emiri, riege, einin, emert, timer, iinet, imeni, nexin, retem, tengi, geter, tiree, niger, geert, treem, teene, ennie, einie, getin, meger, igene, neeme, iring, gente, inner, miner, miret, menti, inmix, eimer, meite, menin, nginx, renge, tenir, tring, irmin, miter, enter, egert, retie, trixi, inger, exene, innie, teign, tiner, niere, innit, gerti, nimer, enten, retin, reing, exeme, xieng, inert, exige, temin, ngern, egret, gitin, grine, mixer, negin, neger, niner, tiein, regni, eiger, remex, mitee, grime, geier, getme, rgime, tener, exine, negre, xinmi, eerie, ergin, emine, tenri, mitre, remit, niten, trine, metin, etree, miert, niter, treme, nexen, exite, tenge, einen, temne, temer, reign, nitre, nimit, inite, eigen, nimri, terem, tieri, ngiti, terme, mengi, merge, ergen, exner, ninti, terim, ntini, ingen, entin, emeer, menen, neige, entre, regmi, giner, temir, ximen, niete, erent, neier, egner, mixte, ering, ierne, nimir, tngri, miege, giren, reege, mtier, remen, terex, tinge, treni, merit, gerin, remet, tiene, rieng, genin, renin, germe, gemex, rinne, terne, genre, grein, genri, ringe, minin, niemi, exeem, minge, gener, ningi, merin, metre, griet, inter, imreg, meret, inmet, minni, emini, gerne, gemen, metge, exing, eteri, mixin, terni, nimet, mirin, einem, rente, greet, meter, imeri, gieen, eenie, inrix, meren, green, nixer, neeti, greim, temen, nimni, timir, rieti, timei, menne, genet, enger, renig, negri.

4 letter words made from exerimenting:

iten, germ, mine, enix, inge, egin, iing, xeer, rete, mini, gnrn, gent, emin, imin, grit, rite, ning, teem, xene, negm, eire, trim, tier, nine, exit, temi, mexi, egen, rein, trei, riem, egri, mtge, meet, reti, mien, tree, imee, mein, reen, nget, nemr, meir, erei, term, grim, tire, rege, meen, teen, minx, eien, neem, giti, tern, erie, gene, grin, ingi, girt, emir, miri, eini, tiri, xmir, metn, time, ngee, nein, nnex, ming, mite, erne, rent, mint, reni, nige, ring, inti, trig, rime, ting, mere, reit, etim, gien, item, mext, erni, inme, enim, engi, tine, mene, reeg, next, mixi, mixe, nrem, eier, nixt, emit, etre, mire, eter.

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