Correct spelling for EXOSTING

We think the word exosting is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for exosting

  • Exciting
  • The great majority of the deventer books, however, belong to the minor literature of ecclesiasticism and education, and are far from exciting.

    I made a meal of the lighting, this was exciting

    – Fell In Love by Moxy Fruvous
  • Exuding
  • Well was it named the pump room, for such shall we become, mere pumps exuding moisture at the propulsion of a tyrant!

  • Exhausting
  • And there have even been campaigns where, after a great action disastrous to one side, that side has yet been able to keep up a broken resistance sufficiently lengthy and exhausting to baulk the conqueror of his political object in the end.

  • Coexisting
  • Speedy death invariably follows, though in the case just referred to the symptoms of peritonitis were totally masked by those of the coexisting double pneumonia, which seemed to be the immediate cause of death.

  • Extorting
  • What i mean is that five hundred years ago we should have locked this young man up in a room hung with black crape, and with a pleasant array of unfortunately extinct instruments we should have succeeded, beyond a doubt, in extorting the truth from him.

  • Exacting
  • Netta, exacting and peevish, monopolized much of the latter's time and kept her effectually at a distance.

  • Exiting
  • That is to say, could it have been caused by an exiting bullet?

  • Exulting
  • This little success appeared the forerunner of our future good fortune; and we began to make exulting reflections on the advantages of our situation.

  • Exerting
  • Even in the first weeks after his departure, when mac's impassioned letters were pouring in and she was exerting all her will power to make good her promise to his father, she was aware of a dull, benumbing anxiety over dan.

  • Exhorting
  • Were not placards, addressed to our "german brethren," posted upon the walls of paris, exhorting the pandours to fraternise with their fellow-creatures?

  • Excepting
  • Gunpat rao, the most magnificent elephant in the chief commissioner's stockades-excepting neela deo and mitha baba-was making speed under him, at this moment.

  • Exalting
  • The oriental mysteries, directing the will toward an ideal goal and exalting the inner spirit, were less mindful of economic utility, but they could produce that vibration of the moral being that caused emotions, stronger than any rational faculty, to gush forth from the depths of the soul.

  • Accosting
  • Benvenuto was more than ever patronised by the king, who did him the great honour of accosting him as mon ami, and approving his scheme for the fortification of paris.

  • Excising
  • It consisted in removing a portion of the wall by grooving and stripping it, and of excising the exposed cartilage by means of a sage-knife.

  • Existing
  • The prime minister, less than a month after the rising, spent a week in ireland prosecuting enquiries: they resulted in two conclusions, one that "the existing machinery of irish government" had broken down, the other that a unique opportunity had offered itself for a settlement.

  • Exporting
  • German business men are preparing to meet these difficulties by continuing the method of exporting through neutral agents, and are proposing in some cases to transport to a neutral country the work of completing manufacture, in order that goods so produced may appear to be indisputably of non-german origin; and the foreign trade department at berlin has advised german merchants to employ, for some years after the war, travellers and agents who can pass as french or english.

258 words made from the letters exosting

4 letter words made from exosting:

enix, gens, xino, toge, sign, egoi, gent, toei, sogn, ties, engi, igon, gois, snit, sone, ings, tion, nixt, nexo, nose, oxes, segi, gion, eons, sext, egis, igno, onex, iong, note, noix, nito, nets, xeon, sieg, gone, tine, nits, gist, geto, itno, sine, sein, ting, exit, gien, esox, sixt, gons, site, osen, oxin, sent, tsen, oxen, egin, iten, nego, goes, ento, igoe, ogie, ogin, inge, xote, nget, nest, otis, snot, goit, song, sion, exon, iton, seoi, inst, teso, ngoi, tons, gets, goti, tone, onge, snog, nige, togs, togi, sing, next.

5 letter words made from exosting:

genxs, seito, sitoe, tiong, inose, xiong, sonti, genis, ingos, exing, oxens, tenos, stieg, senio, tenix, toing, ieong, gites, ineos, seong, teong, osite, tieng, goten, sting, gones, tenso, noise, tings, toges, goins, teign, egion, senti, eigon, nixes, sinoe, sonex, singe, sient, goxes, tiens, tsing, getin, notes, tieon, eoxin, ngsit, signo, tinge, etons, tones, gesto, geton, sitno, gines, tsong, tengo, siong, tsien, tenis, tingo, eosin, entsi, etsin, nexts, gents, itoen, exist, gosei, seoni, ingot, noite, stone, segno, tiegs, oxest, sixte, steig, egnot, stong, tseng, segni, tsine, isnot, tiges, exito, negot, tosin, geits, tengi, tigon, egton, toein, setin, exsit, neots, stein, tsion, gosen, onset, stoen, tinos, senoi, toxis, otegi, exits, intoe, seton, toine, toxin, seing, isneg, inset, togni, sogen, tonis, sengi, gotse, getxo, oints, istoe, tions, eison, xieng, tines, goens, nieto, noxes, tongs, songe, isone.

3 letter words made from exosting:

toe, eos, ton, teg, net, sit, ego, gen, ies, ent, ige, iso, sot, son, tin, one, nix, tie, set, eon, est, get, sex, nox, nit, tog, six, not, nog, gin, nig, neo, ion, sen, ten, gxe, sin.