Correct spelling for EXPEREICNE

We think the word expereicne is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for expereicne

  • Expending(Definition of expending)
  • But just as she emerged from the butcher's shop, having gained a complete victory in the matter of that suet, without expending the last breath in her body or anything like it, the whole of the seemingly solid structure came toppling to the ground.

  • Expiring(Definition of expiring)
  • A faint smile passed over her countenance, and was succeeded by a fine devotional glow; she folded her hands upon her bosom, and with a look of meek resignation, raising towards heaven her eyes, in which now sunk the last sparkles of expiring life-her soul departed in a short deep sigh.

  • Experiment(Definition of experiment)
  • After this experiment the galicia was burned.

  • Expecting
  • They are expecting an attack on the barricade in the rue de la paix, and we ought to pass through at once."

  • Expelling
  • The idea is now so general that it is our duty to meddle everywhere, that it really seems as if we had pushed the tories from the field, expelling them by our competition.

  • Expiration(Definition of expiration)
  • One day a bandsman, who was excellent as a clarionet- and violin-player, took his discharge-papers on expiration of term of service, and the bandmaster appeared at the adjutant's office with sergeant wolf to announce that the sergeant was even a better musician than the discharged man, and was desirous of giving up his "lance" rank and entering the band.

  • Expressing
  • Bowing repeatedly and modestly expressing himself to the effect that it was incredible that he was not justly struck dead before the sublime spectacle of shen heng's virtuous indignation, cheng lin carefully produced the written lines of the agreement, gently directing the distinguished brother's fire-kindling eyes to an indicated detail.

  • Expire(Definition of expire)
  • The trust was to expire with the death of the said braden lanier thorpe, when all funds remaining unused for the purposes herein set forth were to go without restriction to the heirs of the said trustee, either by bequest or administration.

  • Exploring
  • But before the dutch had given up exploring the coast of new holland, dampier, the first englishman to set foot upon its shores, had twice visited the continent, and with his two voyages the english naval story of australia may properly begin.

  • Expunging(Definition of expunging)
  • And be it enacted, that the several enactments in the said copyright amendment act contained with relation to keeping the said register book, and the inspection thereof, the searches therein, and the delivery of certified and stamped copies thereof, the reception of such copies in evidence, the making of false entries in the said book, and the production in evidence of papers falsely purporting to be copies of entries in the said book, the applications to the courts and judges by persons aggrieved by entries in the said book, and the expunging and varying such entries, shall apply to the books, dramatic pieces, and musical compositions, prints, articles of sculpture, and other works of art, to which any order in council issued in pursuance of this act shall extend, and to the entries and assignments of copyright and proprietorship therein, in such and the same manner as if such enactments were here expressly enacted in relation thereto, save and except that the forms of entry prescribed by the said copyright amendment act may be varied to meet the circumstances of the case, and that the sum to be demanded by the officer of the said company of stationers for making any entry required by this act shall be one shilling only.

  • Expression(Definition of expression)
  • The counselor's eye-glass sparkled more brightly than before, and his face had a triumphant expression.

  • Experiencing
  • I could not help experiencing at times something like a vagueness in my mind with regard to my religious perceptions.

  • Experience(Definition of experience)
  • 10,717. do you speak as to that matter from your own experience?

  • Exporting(Definition of exporting)
  • To do so at this point implies of course an anticipation of chronology, but to delay the survey might blind the reader to the fact that from the time of asoka onward india was engaged not only in creating but also in exporting new varieties of religious thought.

155 words made from the letters expereicne

4 letter words made from expereicne:

eien, crex, peri, xene, pene, nece, epic, inec, erei, nice, peen, cree, xeer, xrep, eire, enix, rice, ecer, erce, rece, epee, cere, reen, ripe, rein, enic, erni, nipe, peer, reni, erne, expr, pier, erie, pine, nexp, cene, eier.

6 letter words made from expereicne:

pencer, neicer, piecen, preece, prenex, rience, priene, experi, perine, expire, peirce, rexene, prence, recien, pirene, prince, erence, repine, recipe, pincer, neeper, pierce, prexie, peener, cenere, niepce, percen, ceneri, recine.

5 letter words made from expereicne:

neepc, crepe, ripen, ceren, neier, perec, xenic, niece, prien, price, epice, penix, xeric, creep, cenpi, ierne, piene, riepe, peire, perie, exene, ieper, prece, nepic, pince, prine, eeepc, niere, exine, pexin, eerie, exner, piner, preen, peine, penie, piece, piere, enpei, creen, nixer, peene, crine, eenie, erice, rence, peixe, cerne, peice, penic, inpex.

3 letter words made from expereicne:

ixc, epi, nip, pei, per, xci, pie, crp, nee, eec, ire, rip, pen, pix, pee, pin, cpr, rep, pre, nrc, ene, nix, pic, ice, cer, ern, nec, cpi, prc.

7 letter words made from expereicne:

epicene, pernice, creepin, penrice, percine, expence, repiece, expiree.