Correct spelling for EXPOSOUR

We think the word exposour is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for exposour

  • expose Would you expose me to his displeasure?
  • exposed So they fight all exposed.
  • exposure He was regarding Britt as his chief witness and principal exhibit in the exposure he proposed to lay before the people of Egypt.
  • Expositor 6. What was the Nauvoo Expositor?
  • exposes I belong to the New Religion myself, having been brought up in that faith, but it must be well known that the presence of a pastor here in our house exposes everybody to the risk of death.
  • EXPOS However some Expos were put off by Carters unabashed enthusiasm, feeling that he was too taken with his image and basked in his press coverage too eagerly, derisively naming him "Camera Carter".
  • ning "I'll just run out one minute and fetch little Ning-Po in," she thought.

142 words made from the letters exposour

3 letter words made from exposour:

pro, pre, eos, sur, ops, rue, uro, poe, roe, rep, sou, sue, pus, use, per, ore, sep, sop, pox, pes, sex, sup, res, esr.

4 letter words made from exposour:

poor, pose, spoo, opus, rose, rous, ouro, pore, seor, soor, rope, oure, uxos, suro, ruse, peor, roue, pueo, poer, oreo, ooru, peru, peso, spur, user, suor, pros, urex, esox, puso, pure, suer, oxes, euro, poro, soup, reup, roxo, epos, rues, uper, prox, eros, sore, expr, xers, rupo, oxus, eous, oseo, sure, peur, spue, poux, pour, sour, puse, oser, xrep, oseu, esop, expo, rupe, uxor, oxer, roux.

5 letter words made from exposour:

preso, puros, poors, rupes, prose, oreos, soupe, roues, espoo, soeur, purse, puers, oxers, sprue, roops, preux, sourp, spore, proex, pures, poxes, pouso, spuer, roseo, suxor, roope, pores, super, expro, supor, poros, poore, poser, ourso, orpex, porus, europ, soper, xerus, ropes, proso, rouse, roups, perou, peros, porou, spoor, pours, soxer, roose, suero, sorex.

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