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How to spell FAAILED correctly?

If you happen to misspell "faailed", fear not! Here are some possible correct suggestions to ensure error-free writing. Consider using "failed", "folded" or "fallen" as alternatives. Remember to proofread your work thoroughly to maintain clarity and accuracy.

List of suggestions on how to spell faailed correctly

  • Ailed He ailed for weeks after contracting the flu.
  • Availed I availed myself of the opportunity to learn a new language while traveling abroad.
  • Bailed I bailed out of the plane before it crashed.
  • Caviled She caviled about every little detail, causing the project to fall behind.
  • fabled The fabled city of Atlantis has intrigued explorers and historians for centuries.
  • failed
  • Filed My tax return was filed at the last minute.
  • flailed I flailed my arms wildly as I tried to keep my balance on the slippery ice.
  • foaled The mare was so happy after she foaled a beautiful colt.
  • foiled After the detectives had followed the footprints for a while, they finally came to a scene of a burglary that had been foiled
  • hailed The soccer player was hailed as a hero after scoring the game-winning goal.
  • jailed The inmate was jailed for three years for selling drugs.
  • mailed I mailed the package yesterday and it should arrive by Friday.
  • Nailed I nailed that debate.
  • Railed The train was railed inside.
  • Sailed We sailed to the Island.
  • tailed
  • Wailed The mother wailed as her child was taken away by the government.

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