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How to spell FADDED correctly?

If you've misspelled "fadded" and want the correct suggestion, it is likely "faded". The correct spelling of a word is important for effective communication. Ensure you double-check spellings to avoid any potential confusion in your writing.

List of suggestions on how to spell fadded correctly

  • added
  • aided The use of modern technology has greatly aided in the advancement of medicine.
  • faced I faced my fears and took the plunge.
  • faddy Your Assignment is seriously faddy.
  • fade The sun was going to fade behind the mountains.
  • faded
  • fades The bright sunshine fades quickly as the storm clouds start to roll in.
  • faked Allison faked her own death to escape her creditors.
  • Famed Famed author J.D. Salinger died in 1951.
  • Fared He fared well at the job interview and was offered the position on the spot.
  • FARTED I accidentally farted during the business meeting and became extremely embarrassed.
  • Fasted I fasted all day to get in shape.
  • fated The fated couple were meant to be together.
  • fazed We were all fazed by her outburst.
  • Fended The mother fended off the raccoon that was trying to steal her baby's food.
  • feuded The two gangs feuded for control of the neighborhood.
  • Fiddled I️ fiddled with the radio for a while before turning it off.
  • fodder They were feeding the livestock on fodder.
  • folded She folded the laundry and placed it neatly in the dresser.
  • Forded The adventurer forded the river to reach his destination on the other side.
  • fuddled I'm feeling a bit fuddled after that head-rush.
  • funded The project was fully funded by the government.
  • Gadded The party was gadded with glitter and cheer.
  • jaded After experiencing so many disappointments, she had become jaded and was no longer excited about anything.
  • laded The truck was laded with heavy boxes of equipment.
  • padded He wore a tightly padded helmet to protect his head from injury.
  • wadded She wadded up the piece of paper and threw it in the trash can.
  • Waded

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