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How to spell FAGUE correctly?

If you encountered the misspelling "fague", suggestions for the correct word could include "vague", "fugue" or "ague". The intended word would depend on the context and meaning of the sentence.

List of suggestions on how to spell fague correctly

  • age
  • ague My grandfather used to suffer from ague every time the weather got cold and damp.
  • argue My parents frequently argue about politics.
  • cage The lion was pacing around in its cage, waiting to be released for its performance.
  • face I always put on sunscreen before leaving the house to protect my face from the sun's harmful rays.
  • fade The color of the curtains will eventually fade in direct sunlight.
  • fagged
  • fagin Fagin was the cunning and manipulative villain in Charles Dickens' novel "Oliver Twist".
  • FAGS
  • fake
  • Fame
  • fare The fare for the bus was two dollars.
  • fate He knew his fate was sealed when he received the job offer from his dream company.
  • fatigue After a long day at work, John felt extreme fatigue and decided to rest at home.
  • faun The faun danced merrily through the forest, his pan flute echoing softly through the trees.
  • FAVE
  • Faye Faye is a lovely woman.
  • faze The criticism didn't faze him at all; he remained determined to complete the project.
  • figure John was very surprised when he saw the figure in the dark alley.
  • flue It was too hot in the boiler room, so the crew called for the flue.
  • fugue The music piece was a complex fugue that showcased the composer's mastery in counterpoint.
  • fugues Fugues occur in musical compositions when a composition moves from one dominant key to another.
  • gage He used a depth gage to measure the depth of the ocean.
  • Hague The Hague is a city in the Netherlands that is home to many international organizations.
  • league She joined a basketball league to improve her skills.
  • page The magazine was neatly folded on Page 3.
  • rage After being dumped, she vented her rage by tearing the furniture apart.
  • sage She wore a sage green dress that complimented her eyes.
  • vague It was difficult to make out what she was saying because her words were so vague.
  • vaguer I couldn't quite understand what she meant, her explanation started to become vaguer each time.
  • wage We have a good wage for this position.

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