How to spell FAIED correctly?

We think the word faied is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell faied correctly

  • aid Aid me "in the name of your mother."
  • aide While waiting for his carriage, he ran against a friend, a certain Prince G., an aide-de-camp.
  • faced I guess I've faced it before this.
  • fad "I am not particularly fond of it; but it's a fad of hers.
  • faddy
  • fade The sun was setting and the sky was fade orange.
  • faded The faded wall provided a melancholy backdrop to the sad event.
  • fagged I'm tired from being fagged.
  • fahd
  • failed
  • fair
  • fanned She was fanning herself with the magazine.
  • fat Everyone was so fat that they could fit inside a ball.
  • fate
  • fated In Greek mythology, Zeus was sometimes referred to as the god of fate, because he exerted a powerful influence over the course of
  • fazed I was shocked when I saw the mugshot, he looked so different.
  • fed After lunch, the children were fed.
  • feed She fed her dog a piece of cake.
  • feud The feud between the siblings was gradually turning into a full-blown rivalry.
  • fiat
  • field
  • fiend
  • find
  • fined I was fined $100 for driving 60 in a 45 zone.
  • fired She was fired from her job for neglecting her duties.
  • fit Please step back and fit into your clothes.
  • foaled
  • foiled
  • fried
  • Famed The famous playwright is in the auditorium.
  • Fared I'm afraid that I must leave now, Fareed.
  • Farmed Factory farming is the most common form of farming.
  • Fawned She fawned all over him like he was affectionately his favourite pet.
  • Faxed I faxed the letter to my friend.
  • Feared After the creature was feared, it left for parts unknown.
  • Fie I shall not fie upon your company!
  • Filed Filed a lawsuit against her abuser.
  • Fled
  • Foamed The bath foam was foamy.
  • Fred Fred has a white dog named Spot.
  • Fud
  • Waived
  • Frieda Frieda loved to read mystery novels.
  • Fido Pete convinced Fido to join them for the walk.
  • faked
  • flied
  • FD
  • FWD We are forwarding your message.
  • fattier

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  • domains
  • dominate
  • doming
  • domino
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