How to spell FAIER correctly?

We think the word faier is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell faier correctly

  • air The air of this place is not good for you, my boy.
  • aver Well, then, I aver, in the face of Heaven, I was absolutely innocent: and, so far from breaking, or even touching the comb, never came near the fire.
  • fa It'll be higher next time, Fa, won't it?
  • face Penrod's face had flushed with indignation.
  • fade "Farewell" between our kisses creeps, You fade, a ghost, upon the air; Yet, ah!
  • fail Violence will again fail.
  • fain Hear what I tell thee in few words, for so Fain am I of thy heart to hold the key; Now must thou sail henceforward after me; And I will guide thee as myself do go.
  • fair And now I shall call upon our very fair friend the Shuttlecock for the next story."
  • fake If the star didn't fall, it would tend to prove that it was, as Godfrey had said, merely a fake arranged to impress a credulous old man; but suppose it did fall!
  • faker Please stop pretending to be interested in my life.
  • fakir He always looked like a fakir, with his beard and baggy clothes.
  • far John is very far away from his home.
  • fare
  • farmer
  • farrier
  • fate The fate of humanity lay in Lily's hands.
  • father I am the father of three children.
  • fawner
  • faze I was so shocked when he disappeared that I couldn't process what was happening.
  • fe A Feijoada is a Brazilian dish made with black beans, garbanzo beans, rice, and red palm oil
  • fear I was so afraid of the dog that I screamed.
  • fee I paid the fee to enter the gallery.
  • few
  • fey The Fey are a race of magical creatures that live in the forests outside of town.
  • fiber She had to chew on a piece of fiber to stop her mouth from drying out.
  • fief The fief was a large piece of land given to a nobleman in exchange for military service.
  • fiery She had the fierceness of a tiger.
  • filer
  • finer
  • fir Icy snow covered the Fir tree.
  • fire He missed the target by a mile; he hasn't fired a shot in years.
  • fiver I've got five pounds in my pocket.
  • flair
  • flier Bob had already filled his wallet with cash and wanted no part of his old plane so he sold it to Bill for $100
  • foe
  • fur My parents always warn me about wearing too much fur.
  • waiver
  • xavier Xavier is allergic to nuts.
  • Fame Fame is all a glimmer in the eye of the beholder.
  • Fay Fay does not enjoy reading.
  • Fer I'm inclined to Fer forgather with my friends later.
  • Fie
  • Fifer
  • Firer I'm the firefighter.
  • FAA "Hush, fool!" said the Faa; "I have waited for this consummation o' my revenge for twenty years, and think ye that I will be deprived o' it now by a few whining words? Remember, sunset!" he added, and left the tent.
  • Javier
  • Faye
  • fairs It has been affirmed that it was by the Normans that the fairs of England were moulded into the shape with which we are most familiar.
  • FAVE She has a favorite restaurant that she visits every few weeks.
  • FAIRER And when that is done, if his lady that he bringeth be fouler than our lord's wife, she must lose her head: and if she be fairer proved than is our lady, then shall the lady of this castle lose her head.
  • wavier She chooses to go with the wavier option.
  • fattier I am not really that fat, I am just a little fattier than most people.
  • foamier
  • fatter I Feel Fatter Than I Used To Be.
  • fairy Fairy realms of enchantment beckon him on.

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