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How to spell FALED correctly?

If you find yourself typing "faled" instead of "failed", don't worry! We all make mistakes. The correct spelling for "failed" can be achieved by simply correcting the position of the letter "l". Stay vigilant while typing and use spell-check tools to avoid such errors in the future.

List of suggestions on how to spell faled correctly

  • Baled The farmhands baled the hay and stored it in the barn for the winter.
  • fabled The fabled city of Atlantis has long been a tale of fascination and wonder.
  • faced She knew she had to be brave and faced her fears head-on.
  • faded
  • failed Despite studying all night, I failed my math exam.
  • faked
  • falter I began to falter during the marathon due to exhaustion.
  • Famed The famed Hollywood actor always attracted a crowd wherever he went.
  • Fared The young athlete fared well in the competition, winning two gold medals.
  • fated It seemed as though their love was fated from the beginning.
  • fazed I was so shocked at the sight of the bear that I fazed out for a few seconds.
  • felled The arrow, embedded in the tree, felled it.
  • Filed
  • filet I ordered a juicy filet mignon for dinner at the fancy restaurant.
  • filled The cake was filled with whipped cream and rolled in sugar.
  • Fled The bird fled when it saw the hunter.
  • flied He flied the ball over the center fielder's head for a home run.
  • foaled The foaled colt was a whopping twelve hands tall.
  • foiled The bank robbery was foiled when the police arrived on the scene.
  • fold I need to fold my clothes before I put them away.
  • Fooled I thought he was telling the truth, but it turned out I was fooled.
  • fouled He fouled the ball on the court during the game.
  • Fowled I went for a walk on the beach and Fowled a few stars.
  • fueled The economy was fueled by the increase in domestic spending.
  • Fulled
  • furled The sail was furled and the boat was motionless on the water.
  • Haled I met someone named Haled at the party.
  • Paled The colors of the sunset paled as the night drew near.
  • Waled Waled is a town in the north of Bahrain.

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