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How to spell FALEN correctly?

If you spell "falen" mistakenly, it could be an error for the word "fallen". Other possible correct suggestions are "feline" (relating to cats), "frozen" (in a solid state due to extreme cold) or "fatten" (to make something or someone plump). Always make sure to double-check spellings to avoid confusion.

List of suggestions on how to spell falen correctly

  • Alan Alan is coming over for dinner tonight.
  • alien
  • allen
  • baleen Whales use their baleen to filter food from the water.
  • Ellen Ellen went to visit her grandmother in the nursing home.
  • fagin Fagin is a fictional character in the Charles Dickens novel, Oliver Twist.
  • failed
  • fain I am fain to believe that everything will work out for the best.
  • falcon The falcon soared through the sky, scanning the ground below for prey.
  • fall I love it when the leaves fall off the trees in autumn.
  • fallen
  • falls She always falls asleep while watching TV.
  • false
  • Falser The belief that all snakes are venomous is falser than the truth that only a small percentage of snakes pose a risk to humans.
  • falter She started to falter in her speech when she saw her ex-boyfriend at the party.
  • fan
  • Farley Farley was always the life of the party with his infectious energy and hilarious jokes.
  • fatten I need to fatten up my skinny dog with some nutritious food.
  • faun I saw a small faun running through the forest.
  • fawn The fawn pranced through the meadow with its mother, leaping over the tall grass.
  • felon
  • fen The crowd stood at the fen to watch the sunset.
  • file I need to organize my file cabinet.
  • Filed I filed my taxes online yesterday.
  • filer I have a metal filer on my desk to organize important documents.
  • files After downloading the files, I need to transfer them to my computer.
  • filet
  • flan I had a slice of delicious caramel flan for dessert last night.
  • flea The dog was scratching itself because it had a flea on its belly.
  • Fled
  • flee The villagers were forced to flee their homes due to the approaching wildfire.
  • Flew
  • foaled She foaled a colt earlier this year.
  • Foley I saw a man with a Foley mask on.
  • Frauen Frauen have been fighting for equality for centuries.
  • galen The physician Galen studied anatomy.
  • galena The mineral galena is found in many different places, such as the Rocky Mountains.
  • glen The glen was filled with wildflowers and running water.
  • halon Halon is a chemical compound that has been used in fire suppression systems.
  • helen Although she had no heirs, the queen is still considered the formal head of state of Helen, GA.
  • Len Len loves to play guitar and sing in his free time.
  • Olen
  • salon
  • talon She clutched her talon-like hand around his bicep in a futile attempt to save herself.

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