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How to spell FALIABLE correctly?

If you frequently come across the misspelling "faliable", fear not, as there are several correct alternatives. The correct spelling is "fallible", meaning capable of making mistakes. So, if you mean to communicate this concept, be sure to use "fallible" instead of "faliable."

List of suggestions on how to spell faliable correctly

  • callable The bond is callable after the fifth year of its issuance.
  • fallible She is inexperienced and fallible, making her judgement suspect.
  • flyable The weather conditions are perfect, making the airplane flyable.
  • friable The roof is very friable and can be easily damaged when it begins to rain.
  • liable The liable party is responsible for the damages suffered by the victim.
  • pliable The clay was pliable enough to be molded into a pot
  • reliable The Toyota Corolla is a reliable car that can last for years with proper maintenance.
  • salable The company has been struggling to produce a salable product, leading to a decline in sales.
  • saleable This garment is not saleable.
  • valuable The antique watch was very valuable to his grandfather.

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